Datta Jayanthi Celebrations Dec 1, 2009

Dec 1st Tuesday
Lord Dattatreya was born on the full moon day of Margaseersha Month and this year Datta Jayanthi Celebrations was celebrated on Dec 1st.
Sri Satyanarayana Vrata was performed followed by Lord Dattatreya Puja. Mahaprasad Dinner was served to all devotees.
Photos from Event:
Datta / Audumbara Deeksha
Is a special deeksha(fasting ritual) to please Lord Dattatreya and can be done for 1,3,5,7,9,16,21 or 40 days.
Following are the rules to be followed:
1. Cooked food should be taken once a day only. It should not contain salt, chillies, curds or any sour ingredients.
2. Outside food should be avoided.
3. Uncooked food - fruits and vegetables are allowed.
4. Abstinence (Brahmacharya should be followed)
5. Green clothes should be worn.
6. Guru Gita, Datta Darshanam, Sri Swamiji's life history and other spiritual books can be read.
7. 18 pradakshinas to the  Lord everyday. (Can be done at home)
8. Audumbara thread (green cloth thread ) should be worn on hand.
9. Special Deeksha Offering (Mudupu) to be offered to the Lord at the end of the deeksha.