Sanjeevani Prasara Apr 22-28, 2010

Frisco, Dallas - the center for Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple awaited the arrival of Sri Swamiji. This year's visit to this amazing Ashrama was named as "Sanjeevani Prasara". Sri Swamiji arrived in Dallas on the Friday , 23rd April 2010. Pujya Bala Swamiji had reached Dallas 2 days earlier. He received Sri Swamiji at the home of Dr. Prakasa Rao, Chairman of Datta Yoga Center, which served as the camp Guru Nilaya. Sri Swamiji was delighted to see Bala Swamiji in USA. This is the first ever official US visit of Sri Bala Swamiji since he took Sannyasa Deeksha from Sri Swamiji. The only other visit was in 2005 for a brief visit. Devotees from all over US had come to Dallas to have Darshana of both Swamijis.

In the evening, a welcome function in the temple premises was held. Sri Swamiji invited a five year old kid, Jaya Lakshmi to sing Bhajans. The masterly way in which she sang was amazing.

A large tent was erected on the side of the temple to accommodate the thousands who were visiting. Sri Chakra Puja was held in this tent. On 24th Saturday, Sri Swamiji performed Purnahuti of Chandi Homa. This Homa was performed for world peace and prayers. Sri Swamiji unveiled a large painting of Hanuman carrying Sanjeevani mountain. After the Sri Chakra Puja, Sri Swamiji released the audio CD "Swaravali Raga Sagara" - Live Concert recording of the recently held concert in Malaysia. Sri Swamiji announced that the raga trio on this CD was very appealing to Him. In the evening, Sri. Krish Raman and family from Chicago performed "Pada Puja". Later, Satsang was held. Sri Swamiji sang several Bhajans. All the proceedings were web cast live on

On Sunday, 25th April 2010. Sri Swamiji performed Archana to Karya Siddhi Hanuman. Bala Datta students sang the "Nama Ramayana" in unison and won accolade of Sri Swamiji and audience. In the evening, Smt. Vani Iswara and troupe presented Bharata Natyam dance for one Bhajan. This was followed by Satsang of Sri Swamiji, who sang the old melodies, Dattatreya Trimurti Rupa, Achyuta Ananta and Dasachi Sampatti. Sri Swamiji's amazing voice and the range of notes, the free wheeling alapanasque singing enticed the listeners.

On Monday, 26th April 2010, Bhumi Puja was performed for Gurunilaya. Sri. Babaji of Orlando performed the Puja. In the evening, Pujya Bala Swamiji started a three day long English lecture on "Sundara Kaanda".

On Tuesday, Sri Swamiji visited the homes of devotees who have homes around the Frisco Karya Siddhi Hanuman temple. On Wednesday, 28th April, Sri Swamiji performed Puja in the temple. He gave Teertha (holy water) to everyone. A small valedictory program was held. Dr. Rao profusely thanked Sri Swamiji for bringing Bala Swamiji to Dallas. In the evening, Sri Swamiji attended a cultural program of Bala Datta and Blessed the students and teachers. Sri Swamiji also listened to the lecture of Bala Swamiji. Hundreds of children were allowed to come to Hanuman and receive fruits as Prasadam. Sri Swamiji said that He felt wonderful vibrations in the temple and never felt like leaving the temple. Just before alighting the steps of the Hanuman Shrine, Sri Swamiji remarked thus - "When will I spend 40 days in this temple here?". That sums up the amazing energy in the temple.

Children dressed as "Puranic Characters" line up to receive Sri Swamiji in Dallas Hanuman Temple

Sri Swamiji at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Shrine


Dr. Prakasa Rao, Chairman, Datta Yoga Center welcomes Sri Swamiji and Bala Swamiji

At the invitation of Sri Swamiji, 5 year old Jayalakshmi sings a Tripura Bhajan

Sri Swamiji looks at the paintings drawn by the students of Arts class of Bala Datta

Sri Chakra Puja on 26th April 2010

Audience in the sprawling tent

Sri Swamiji releases the DVD of the Kuchipudi dance on Datta Darshanam choreographed by Smt. Padma Sonti
during last year's Guru Purnima celebrations

Purnahuti of Chandi Homa

Sanjeevani Hanuman painting

Sri Swamiji addresses doctors who willed to conduct free medical camp from Temple

Pratyaksha Pada Puja by Sri. Krish Raman and family

Archana to Hanuman on Sunday morning

Bala Datta children sang Nama Ramayana during Sri Chakra Puja

More than 200 students participated in the Bala Datta event.

Bala Datta teachers and volunteers

Bala Datta Children with Sri Swamiji

Sri. Rallapalli Ramakrishna presented to Sri Swamiji a revamped online bookstore of Datta Yoga Center

Bhumi Puja on Monday morning

Sri Swamiji performs Arati to the newly installed marble "Naadaanjaneya " statue

Sri Chakra Puja in Temple on Thursday

Teertham to devotees on Wednesday morning