Hanuman Cultural Center Anniversary Celebrations, July 3rd, 2010

Hanuman Cultural Center Anniversary Celebrations
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple
invites you with your friends & family to participate and enjoy
Hanuman Cultural Center
Saturday, JULY 3 - FULL Day Celebrations 
10:00 am: Hanuman Chalisa Homa  
A very special, unique and powerful Hanuman Chalisa Homa will be performed for auspiciousness, divine vibrations and fulfillment of wishes.
All sponsors will do the Homa personally.
They will offer oblation to the holy fire for each verse of the sacred Hanuman Chalisa.
Limited slots are available and devotees can perform in multiple batches.
Sponsorship: $51
About Homa
Homa is one of the most ancient ritual connecting  human beings with devatas for spiritual and various other benefits. Homa is based on the principles of creation and sustenance, further as a science, has a proven ability to rejuvenate an environment, remove the destorations (doshas) from the devotees biomagnetic field .
10:00 am: 1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana
Sri Hanuman ( Free participation: Minimum 50 people requested)  
The benefits of chanting the entire sacred Hanuman Chalisa by the great devotee Sage Tulasidas are well-known. But each verse is powerful and infused with special benefits from removing obstacles, to attaining Divine grace and protection from negative forces. 
In honor of the Anniversary Celebrations, share your love and devotion of Sri Anjaneya and offer as your gift this divine parayana -- Come to join in the parayana whether you can stay for only a few chantings or until 1008 is attained. The more devotees who participate, the sooner we can make this offering of bhakti  (devotion) to Lord Hanuman.
Temple Aarti & MAHAPRASAD LUNCH will follow after the completion of the 1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana.
4:00 pm: Flute Recital     
Sangeetha Samraat, Venugana Chakravarthi, KalaiMaMani
Assisted by
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A CHILD PRODIGY (Flutist) starting his musical concert career at the age of EIGHT, the legendary genius musical maestro Prof. Prapancham Sita Ram, M.A., Ph.D. and a disciple of Flute Mali, rose to the stature of a world renowned Top Flutist at a very young age. He was awarded the Kalai Mamani in 1983. Prapancham received the President of India Awards TWICE , UNESCO award at Paris in 1993, Sangeetha Kala Shikhamani from Indian Fine Arts Society in 2009 as CONFERENCE PRESIDENT, Sangeetha Saamraat, Venugana Chakravarthy, Sapthagiri Sangeetha Vidwanshiromani, and other innumerable Titles, Awards, Honors, Recognitions both nationally and internationally, and made him a world-class Top Musician, Music composer and Musicologist at his early age itself.  
Academically highly qualified, Prapancham has held positions of Senior Director, Chief Producer of Music, Composer and Conductor of Indian Government National Orchestra at All India Radio Head Quarters from 1975 to 1993. Prapancham was Professor, Head of the Department of Music & Fine Arts, Board Chairman at SPM University, Tirupathi from 1993 till his retirement in 2002.
6:30 pm:  Swami Ramdevji's Darshan at Temple
Swami Ramdev Maharaj a revered saint and a preacher from India who has created a "Yog" revolution by teaching Pranayama, an ancient Indian art of breathing exercises is visiting Dallas and conducting a Yoga camp in Dallas. Swami Ramdevji will visit Hanuman Temple & grace the occassion of Temple Annual Celebations on July 3rd.

Temple Aarti & MAHAPRASAD DINNER will follow after the completion of evening program.