Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations, Mar 27 - 29, 2010

Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations (Sat-Mon): 1008 Chalisa Parayana (Sun)
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple
invites you with your friends & family to participate and enjoy 3 days of
Sri Hanuman
Available Sponsorships:

  • Main Sponsor (all days) - $151
    A beautiful Pancaloha Hanuman energized with 3 days of Vedic puja will be presented to these sponsors (Limited slots remaining)
  • Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka - $108
  • Each Rudram - $21
  • Abhisheka - $21
  • Satyanarayana Vrata - $21   
Saturday, March 27 - Celebrations Day 1
Shani Triyodashi  (Shani Deepa available)

9 am: Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka 
10:30 am: Hanuman Abhisheka
Followed by Temple Aarti & Mahaprasad Lunch
3 pm: Dance and Music Cultural events  
  • Dance Performances by:
    Nrityavidhyalaya Bharatanatyam Dance School (Smt. Narayanee Ananth)
    Kuchipudi Kalakshetra (Smt. Padma Sonti)
    Ellora Center for Performing Arts,  Bharatanatyam (Smt. Satyavani Eswara)
    Sampradaya Performing Arts, Bharatanatyam (Smt. Gowri Ramaswamy)
    Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance school  (Smt. Srilatha Suri)
    Srutilaya School of Dance, Bharatanatyam (Smt. Madhusree Sethuraman)
  • Bhajans / Music by Students of:
    Smt. Priyanka
    Smt. Malathi
    Smt. Subha Ramanan
    Smt. Anisha Parameswaran
    KSHT Bala Datta students
    KSHT Bhajan class    
    DFW Sanatana Dharma
    Satya Sai Bal Vikas North Dallas Center
7 pm: Hanuman Puja
Followed by Temple Aarti & Mahaprasad Dinner

Sunday, March 28 - Celebrations Day 2
Thyagaraja Aradhana & All Composers Day
8 am - 11:45 am: Thyagaraja Aradhana by IFAA
Aarti & Mahaprasad Lunch

1 pm - 5 pm: All Composers Music
Individual performances by artists

5 pm - 8pm:
1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana
( Free participation: Minimum 30 people requested) 
The benefits of chanting the entire sacred Hanuman Chalisa by the great devotee Sage Tulasidas are well-known. But each verse is powerful and infused with special benefits from removing obstacles, to attaining Divine grace and protection from negative forces.  Join this Sunday's group chanting of the scared Chalisa and increase these beneficial effects.
In honor of Lord Hanuman's Jayanthi, share your love and devotion of Sri Anjaneya and offer as your gift this divine parayana -- Come to join in the parayana whether you can stay for only a few chantings or until 1008 is attained. The more devotees who participate, the sooner we can make this offering of bhakti  (devotion) to Lord Hanuman.
Temple Aarti & Mahaprasad Dinner will follow after the completion of the 1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana.

Monday, March 29 - Hanuman Jayanthi Day
Purnima (Full Moon) 
10:30 am: Hanuman Abhisheka
6 pm: Satyanarayana Vrata
(Sponsors may perform Vrata personally)
7 pm: Special Hanuman Jayanthi Puja
Followed by Temple Aarti & Mahaprasad Dinner