Sri Ganesh Utsav - Sep 1 - 10,2011

Jai Guru Datta! Jai Hanuman!

Sri Ganesh Utsav - 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations will be conducted at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple from Sep 1st - 10th, 2011.

Limited number of small environmentally friendly clay Ganapati's (prepared by priests) avaiable at temple. (These Ganapati's only can be returned to priests for visarajana at temple.) Please see below program details each day and the sponsorship information. Daily Abhisheka will start at 10:30am & Puja at 7pm unless specified otherwise.
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Day Puja
Sep 1, Thu Sri Vara Siddhi Ganapati Puja
Ganesh Chaturthi Puja at 6:30pm, Story in English
Mahaprasad Dinner
Sep 2, Fri Sri Vidya Ganapati Puja
Sep 3, Sat Sri Varada Ganapati Puja
Gakara Sahasranama Puja at 6:30pm
Mahaprasad Lunch
Sep 4, Sun Abhisheka at 9:30am
Sep 5, Mon Sri Shakti Ganapati Puja
Sep 6, Tue Sri Runa Vimochaka Ganapati Puja
Sep 7, Wed Sri Siddhi Ganapati Puja
Sep 8, Thu Sri Sampath Ganapati Puja
Sep 9, Fri Sri Lakshmi Ganapati Puja
Sep 10, Sat Sri Sarva Siddikara Ganapati Puja
Discourse by Sri Sri Sri Vishwayogi Vishwamjee Maharaj at 10:30am
Abhisheka at 9:30am, Puja at 6:30pm
Ganesh Visarjana
Mahaprasad Lunch & Dinner
Sponsorships: Click to sponsor online
(Prasad: Gold Pancaloha idol)

Gakara Sahasranama Puja (on Sep 3) - $31
(Prasad: Ganapati Big coin - Devotees perform puja personally)

Ganesh Visarjana Puja (on Sep 10) - $31
(Prasad: Ganapati Big coin)

Daily Abhisheka (any one day) - $21 (Prasad: Small Ganapati coin)

Daily Ganapati Puja (any one day except Sep1, 3, 10) - $21
(Prasad: Small Ganapati coin)

Main sponsor - $151 (All days All pujas)
(Prasad: Marakata Ganapati idol + above prasadas)

Annadana Sponsorship - $251
(Puja in sponsor name. Prasad: Big Ganapati coin)