Devi Navaratri Mahotsav Sep 27 - Oct 6, 2011

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Kumari Puja 

Kanjak, Kumari or Kanya Puja is an important ritual during the Devi Navaratri festival. Usually, this puja is observed on Mahaastami (Durga Ashtami) day which is the eighth day of Navaratri. The Kanya or Kumari are girls usually aged between six and ten (before reaching maturity and symbolise the Kanya Kumari form of the Goddess Durga. Devotees perform puja to the essense of Goddess Durga invoked into and believed to be residing within each of these Kanyas.

  • Kumari/Kanjak Puja is scheduled on Sat morning 9am.
  • Register for FREE your daughter(age 6yrs - 10 yrs)) for Kumari Puja by sending email to Only 40 slots available.
  • Sponsorship to perform Puja to the Kumaris - $21

Alankara Seva - Saree offering to Mother Goddess 

Devotees may offer a NEW double bordered silk (pattu/zari) sari at the Temple to adorn Mother Goddess (Devi Ma) for alankara (decoration). Only 35 sarees will be accepted during the Navarati festival. Mother Goddess will be adorned with these sarees on any day of Navaratri per the discretion of the Temple. Devotees can get their Prasada Saree back after Navarati with a suggested donation of $21