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Starting Dec 5th, 2008
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With support from each of you, together, we can reach our monthly funds goal so that construction can continue at a brisk pace. With your help, the Temple will be ready for our community and devotees.  Thank you for considering Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.

Consider following Donation options and Save on 2008 Taxes
  • Donate A Tulasi Leaf for $501.  
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  • Donate a Class Room for $25,000

(Donors will be recognized on a special Wall Plaque placed inside the building)

For more donation options, please visit:

Contributions to the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.
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Temple Events
  • Dec 6th, Saturday - Hanuman Ksheera Abhishekam, Vadamala Archana, Satsangh, Aarati & Peace Chanting for departed souls in Mumbai attack.
  • Dec 11th, Thursday - Sri Datta Jayanthi
  • Dec 12th, Friday - Sri Datta Jayanthi
  • Dec 19th, Friday - Sri Anaghashtami Vratam
  • Dec 26th, Friday - Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations
  • Jan 1st, Thursday - Maha Ganapathi Puja
Sri Swamiji Says 
"Great is the benefit of charity.  Share what you have with all. Be good to all and do good to all. Give a little food to the hungry, give help, and give love. Even a small act of charity and kindness will cling to you and ennoble your life." 
Temple Update 

1: Temple - New Priest Arrived:
Volunteers have worked very hard to make the trailer feel like a temple, and it does!!! We have the honor of welcoming our Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple's very first Priest Sri Srinivas Gudimella.

On Nov 25th evening, Acharya Srinivas Garu began his priestly duties by performing Guru Paduka Puja & Hanuman Puja at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. 
Daily pujas and archanas will take place since our full time priest has arrived.

2: Raffle Draw Postponed:
Purchase of raffle tickets by various members has helped the progress of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple project and is sincerely appreciated.

Since our commitment/goal of selling 1000 raffle tickets by December 11th will not be met, as per Raffle Terms & Conditions, we hereby notify that we are postponing the Raffle draw date to next year's Guru Poornima Day, Tuesday July 7th, 2009.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this postponement of the raffle drawing may have caused. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Construction Update

It has been another exciting month of construction at the Hanuman Temple site!!!

1: Community Hall Renovation:Click for more Construction Photos
The construction of the Worship Hall and Classrooms will begin soon! The demolition of the warehouse is complete. Those that visit regularly will be surprised and how different the land looks now. The original 4900 square foot foundation will remain, and an additional 5200 square foot foundation would be added. Very soon, devotees will see the steel framing structure arise for the new 10,000 square foot worship hall. In only a few exciting months, Hanuman will be moving into the new building.

Click here for more Construction Photos.

2: Road work & Parking
The road expansion work is nearing completion and should be finished in December. Onsite parking lot work began on October 20th and is moving at an exciting pace.  Utilities work is done for road, work in progress for onsite parking & worship hall/temple. Concrete for road & south side parking will be poured soon & are expected to be complete about mid jan 2009.
Lord Hanuman Story
In the last newsletter, we learned that the great warrior Kunjara and his wife Vindhyavati performed penance to beget children and were blessed by Lord Shiva to become parents through an adopted daughter.
While we will return to Kunjara, let's learn more about the other vanaras. Lord Brahma had created a most perfect woman named Ahalya which means one who is flawless. All the Devas were captured by her beauty - especially Indra, the Lord of the Heavens and Surya, the Lord of the Sun. Brahma sent Ahalya to stay with Sage Gautama until she was of marriageable age. Pleased at the Sage's self-restraint and adherence to his duty of caring for her during that time, Brahma gave Ahalya in marriage to Sage Gautama. In time, Ahalya and the Sage had a son, Shantananda, and a daughter, Anjana.

Sage Gautama ever engaged in severe penance would be away from home for long periods of time. Indra, still unable to forget Ahalya, approached her disguised as Sage Gautama and lead Ahalya in his embrace. Their union resulted in the birth of a vanara child who was named Vali. Surya, observing Indra's ruse, approached Ahalya similarly. The child born of their union was a vanara named Sugriva.
After finishing his penance the real Sage Gautama returned home and saw two small vanara children in the ashram. Since Ahalya was not home at that moment, the Sage asked Anjana about the vanaras. She told him they were her brothers. Sage Gautama then saw what had occurred through his divine vision and cursed his wife Ahalya to become a stone for her transgressions. She would be released from the curse only by the divine touch of Lord Rama's feet and could then return to her husband. Having heard their mother being cursed by Sage Gautama, Vali and Sugriva ran into the forest fearful of a similar fate.

Sage Gautama had no one to help care for the remaining children, Shantananda and Anjana. One day Vali saw his sister Anjana. Still angry at having lost his home and blaming her for his fate, he cursed Anjana to become a vanara like him. She was transformed into a vanara instantaneously!
All this made Gautama very worried about his daughter's future. At that time, Sage Narada visited Gautama's ashram and related to Gautama that as a vanara kanya, Anjana was already at the marriageable age. He also gave Gautama some suggestions on what to do for Anjana now.

Following Sage Narada's advice, Sage Gautama took Anjana and offered her as an adopted daughter to the great vanara King Kunjara. King Kunjara was extremely happy to take Anjana as his daughter and thanked Sage Gautama. Lord Shiva's blessings had been realized!

Then Sage Gautama sent his son Shantananda to the great King Janaka's kingdom in order to make him a scholar and eventually rise to being a royal priest.

To be continued.....
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team