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The fundraising required to complete the Temple, like the actual construction, is in its starting phase. With support from each of you, together, we can reach our monthly funds goal so that construction can continue at a brisk pace. With your help, the Temple will be ready for our community and all devotees to enjoy.
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eNewsletter: November 01, 2008 Vol:3 Ver:08.03 
Temple Events
  • Nov 14th, Friday - How to personalize Bhagavad Geeta to our present situations - Talk by Swami Medhananda.
  • Nov 19th, Wednesday - Sri Anaghashtami Vratam
Sri Swamiji Says 
"In direct proportion to the facilities, comforts and luxuries made available by science and technology today, man has become more and more reckless and indolent, and therefore susceptible to new diseases everyday and everywhere. Ashrama Bhajans have been designed so as to possess the qualities of Yogic postures ('Kriyas') described in the Yoga Shastras. By singing these Bhajans in the manner and style taught by Sri Swamiji, all known and unknown, and seen and unseen diseases, hidden in both the gross and subtle bodies, can be rooted out successfully." 
Temple Update 
It has been an exciting month of construction at the Hanuman Temple site!!!

1: Community Hall Renovation:
The construction of the Worship Hall and Classrooms will begin soon!
Currently, the existing concrete area has been removed, and the land is being prepared for the new foundation .  The city has APPROVED the building plans to remove the existing 4900 square foot warehouse and construct a 10,000 square feet building. The bidding for the construction is underway with the work planned to begin within two weeks. 

2: Temple Trailer:
The beautiful pink Hanuman from Jaipur - beloved by the Trinidad devotees for many years and sent to Frisco by Sri Swamiji - is mesmerizing and showering blessings upon our devotees in the Temple trailer.  The temple is gaining devotees, many of whom come on a regular basis to have Lord Hanuman's divine darshan.

3: Road work & Parking
The road expansion work is over halfway complete and should be finished in November. Onsite parking lot work began on October 20th and is moving at an exciting pace.  There are mounds of dirt, huge machines, and lots of activity. The work is expected to take 2 months.

4: Masonry Wall:
A boundary wall, as required by the city on the northern side of the temple land, is complete. The long and sturdy wall serves as reminder of how even things that seem like obstacles become progress in making the dream of the Hanuman Temple a reality.
Lord Hanuman Story
In the last newsletter, we learned that Sadhvi and Kashyapa pleased Lord Shiva with their penance and were granted a boon where Shiva promised to be born as their child.

In their next life, Sadhvi was born as Anjana to the great sage Gautama and his wife Ahalya while Kashyapa was born as Kesari, a vanara. Vanaras, , a species of divine apes, had a human body and the face and tail of an ape. They possessed human intelligence and beastly strength. They even had the ability to fly in the air. Kesari became the king of Vanaras and protected all the creatures in his kingdom.
During this time, there lived an asura or rakshasha (demon) named Sambhasadana who persecuted the rishis and saints with his violent behavior. The saints prayed to Lord Brahma to resolve this problem. Lord Brahma directed them to the vanara King Kesari.
When the saints appealed to King Kesari about the demon, the king promised to help them in due time. But Sage Narada wanted to expedite the demon's death. He went to the demon and told him about King Kesari's promise to the saints. This ignited the demon's fury and he set off to do battle with Kesari.
King Kesari lived a very principled life. He would never initiate a fight on his own. But if someone attacked him, he would fight mightily and defeat them. So when the demon attacked King Kesari, he soundly defeated the demon and killed him.
During the same time at another place, there lived a great warrior named Kunjara. Kunjara and his wife Vindhyavati were performing penance to be blessed with children. They were sincere devotees of Lord Shiva. In time, Lord Shiva appeared before them and said, "Kunjara, it is your fate that you will not beget any children. But, by my grace, you will have an adopted daughter because whom you will become very famous!". After saying these words, Lord Shiva disappeared.
To be continued.....
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team