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eNewsletter: October 01, 2008 Vol:2 Ver:08.02

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Temple Hours

Tuesday/Thursday evenings 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Saturday/Sunday 10:00 to 12:30 and 4:00-8:00 pm

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Sri Swamiji Says
Temple Events
Temple Update
Lord Hanuman Story

Temple Events

Sri Swamiji Says

Don't feel uninvited. There are no invitations for a temple. Don't feel that this temple belongs to a particular group and that you are unwelcome. Never feel so. It belongs to the Sadguru, and you all have equal share of worship here.

Poverty of knowledge and wealth bother many. For a small person a thousand rupee loan bothers as much as a million rupee loan for a rich man. Desires are like loans. Thinking that, inspite of all prayers, God is not giving is also a loan. To pay off that loan, we have to intensely believe in God, perform physical service, pray and help the needy. Many have the feeling of inferiority - that they do not have money to do pujas and help like rich people. This is very wrong.

Come to the temple here. Meditate. If you feel, water the plants, clean the place, do physical seva. It brings equal punya like pujas and homas. Since we are beings, born to fulfill our karmas, we have to perform Karma (activity).

Temple Update

Some exciting updates on the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple progess.

1: Building Renovation:
The existing 4900 square foot warehouse will be renovated and expanded to approximately 10,000 square feet. Building plans have been submitted to the city for approval, and the bidding process has begun.

2: Trailer:
Devotees are eager to have Lord Hanuman's darshan on a regular basis. A trailer has therefore been brought to the site to act as a temporary Hanuman Temple till the building is ready. The pink Jaipur Hanuman statue which Sri Swamiji sent from Trinidad is now in the trailer, and many people are having His darshan.

3: Road work & Parking
Road expansion work has begun. Parking lot plans have been fully approved, and work should begin in October.

4: Masonry Wall:
A boundary wall is required to be constructed on one side of the property. The wall is 95% complete with work to be complete this week.

Lord Hanuman Story

The Brilliant Beginning

In the last newsletter, we learned about the history behind the reason for Lord Hanuman's avatar and how His existence was ordained long before His physical birth.

In the ongoing battle between good and evil, as time passed, the Asuras (also known as Demons or Rakshashas) caused lot of suffering to the Devas. Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Devas decided to pray to the Sages Nara & Narayana, who were incarnations of Vishnu, for protection.

At that time, the two Sages were performing penance at the Bhadrika Ashram in the Himalaya mountain range. Sage Narayana collected the divine brilliance from Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and all the Devas and offered it to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva took the Prasad and swallowed it.

Sage Narayana smiled and said that their prayers will be answered soon. Each of their separate energies, as given to Lord Shiva, will come together and be born to Lord Shiva in the form of vanara. This vanara would kill all the Asuras and end their miseries.

One day, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were walking on the Vrishaba hills in what is known today as the Tirumala-Tirupati hills. There were lots of vanaras on that mountain. Feeling playful, Lord Shiva and Parvati took the forms of vanaras. In that moment, the divine brilliance emerged from Lord Shiva onto Goddess Parvati. Its intensity was too much to bear so Goddess Parvati handed it over to Agni Deva, the God of Fire. But even Agni Deva could not bear it for long and soon passed it onto Vayu Deva, the God of Wind. Vayu Deva suffered immensely but continued dutifully to hold onto the divine energy.

As time went on, a new kalpa or age, "Radhantara" commenced. Vayu Deva was walking on the Vrishaba hill, bent over and weary from still carrying the divine brilliance. A beautiful young Gandarva, Sukanya saw Vayu in this state and teased him. She imitated his posture by hunching over and jumping like an vanara. Looking at her mocking behavior, Vayu cursed her to be born on Earth. As part of the curse, she would take the form of an Vanara and the divine energy Vayu was holding would be passed on to her to bear! Such privilege and pain was placed on Sukanya at once!

Soon after this incident, Sukanya was born as 'Sadhvi' to a brahmin and, in due time, was married to Kashyapa. They both went to Himalayas and did severe penance meditating on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, pleased by their penance, manifested before them with five faces and offered to give them boons.

Kashyapa requested that Lord Shiva be born as their son. Since they were old, Lord Shiva said "I will be born to you in your next birth... as Hanuman".

Will be continued in the next newsletter...