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eNewsletter: September 03, 2008 Vol:1 Ver:08.01

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Sri Swamiji Says
Upcomming Events
Temple Update
Lord Hanuman Story

Upcomming Events

  • Sept 3 - Sri Ganesh Chaturthi (7:00PM - 8:30PM)

  • Sep 30 to Oct 10 - Navaratri Mahotsav
    (Kumari Puja, Lalitha Sahasranaman Puja
    Rangoli,Music and Dance Ballets &
    Dandiya Raas)

Sri Swamiji Says

"Hanuman is a good character to emulate. He was a great Sanskrit Grammar scholar, full of servitude, great Dharmic warrior. Ashrama has published two books on Hanuman story. I urge you all to read those books. In Trinidad, a far away country in the Caribbean, people have installed a 85 feet Hanuman idol. That is the love for Hanuman the countrymen have. I would not call it an act of blind belief. It is something the entire country rallies around. Swamiji has established several Karya Siddhi Hanuman temples. Karya Siddhi Hanuman means Hanuman who gets your work done. Karya means wish or act, Siddhi means realizing. So, Karya Siddhi Hanuman means Hanuman who fulfills your wishes."

Temple Update

Many of you have already seen or have heard about the upcoming Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco, Texas (USA). Here are some exciting updates on the temple progess.

1: Building Renovation:
The existing 4900 sq feet warehouse will be renovated and expanded to approximately 10,000 square feet. This building should be complete by Spring 2009.

2: Trailer:
Devotees are eager to have Lord Hanuman's darshan on a regular basis. A trailer has therefore been brought to the site to act as our temporary Hanuman Temple till the building is ready. In April, Sri Swamiji sent us a pink Jaipur Hanuman statue which had been in Trinidad for many years. Sri Swamiji has instructed that this idol be placed in the trailer for worship.

3: Road work & Parking
Road expansion work and parking lot plans are in progress.

4: Masonry Wall:
A boundary wall is required to be constructed on one side of the property. The wall construction should be complete by the end of October.

Lord Hanuman Story


Once upon a time there lived a demon named 'Gardhaba', who was in the form of a donkey. He was a strong devotee of Lord Shiva and was blessed with many boons from Lord Shiva. Due to pride, he created troubles to everyone in all three worlds.

Lord Vishnu along with all other devatas went to Lord Shiva and prayed him to give them clue to destroy this demon. Lord Shiva thought for a while and said, "He is my own devotee. How could I harm my own devotee?. How can anyone like you kill my devotee?"

Lord Vishnu said, "You stated that the demon Gardhaba is a better devotee than me. I will prove your statement to be false." With whole hearted devotion to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu took a vow that he will kill the demon to which Lord Shiva said, "If you do so, I will become your servant".

The demon was waiting to fight with Lord Vishnu while he saw beautiful woman (Mohini) approaching him. It was Lord Vishnu who took the form of a mohini. Gardhaba was pleasantly shocked to see such beauty and lost his mental balance. She offered him wine to drink. He drank a lot, and fell down. At once, Lord Vishnu took the form of a gigantic wolf and ate the donkey demon completely. All the devatas were very happy and showered flowers on Lord Vishnu.

Lord Shiva immediately manifested there and performed sashtanga namaskara to Lord Vishnu, praised Lord Vishnu and mentioned he was his sadguru. Lord Vishnu was moved by Lord Shiva's devotion to him. He mentioned that Lord Shiva could serve him during Rama Avatara. He mentioned that Lord Shiva would be born as Lord "Hanuman" and can help Lord "Rama" kill the demon king Ravana during "Rama Avatara".

Lord Hanuman's avatara demonstrates great humility, bhakti, courage, purity, selflessness, true devotion, leadership and all the other great admirable qualities.

Let's hear another story in the next newsletter!