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With support from each of you, together, we can reach our monthly funds goal so that construction can continue at a brisk pace. With your help, the Temple will be ready for our community and devotees.  Thank you for considering Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.

Consider following Donation options
  • Donate A Tulasi Leaf for $501.  
  • Donate one Parking Space for $1,500
  • Donate a Class Room for $25,000

(Donors will be recognized on a special Wall Plaque placed inside the building)

For more donation options, please visit:

Contributions to the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.
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eNewsletter: February 01, 2009 Vol:6 Ver:09.02
Temple Events

Upcoming Events at Temple

February 22nd, Sunday at 6PM:

Maha Shivaratri Celebrations
  • Sri Anaghashtami Vratam
  • Rudra Ashishekam

Past Events: January 2009

1: Maha Ganapati Puja was performed on the occassion of Special New Year Puja on January 1st 2009.
2: Sri Anaghashtami Vratham, a very auspicious vratam performed monthly on Bahula Ashtami day was organized on January 18th. The temple provided all the essential puja items for the sponsors to perform the vratam individually.

Sri Swamiji Says 
" Shiva causes the illusory world, makes his creations accumulate Karma and then removes them. It is like Shiva creating a self moving machine. Thus we alone have to reap the fruits of our actions. How to erode our Karma? Through another Karma. Karma alone can
remove Karma. Like removing a thorn with another
thorn. We cannot remove a thorn stuck in our foot with a lump of butter. If a thorn is stuck in our heart, it pains. Since the pain is unbearable, it has to be removed. So we have to bear the extra pain of another thorn being pierced to remove the first thorn. Many try to escape from their Karma. It is impossible. The fruit of Karma has to be experienced. Any Karma that has been done knowingly has to be experienced in a knowing manner. 

Karma is like a house lock. Imagine a house lock. You put the key in the lock and turn it clockwise, it opens. Turn it anti clockwise, it locks. Likewise Karma acts both ways. It locks as well as unlocks i.e. it imprisons you as well as frees you. Some say that karma always imprisons you. That is wrong. If we do our Karma in a selfless manner, our previous Karma gets erased. There can be no bargain. If you do half selfishly and half selflessly, then it will not work.  To practise selfless Karma, you need guidance of a Sadguru. You must live the Vedantic way. Your past Karma sometimes bring you unhappiness. The selfless Karma you do now will erase that old Karma and bring you relief. You are born now because of your past Karma." 
Construction Update

1: Thank You for your patience during construction. Crews will be working throughout the next few months to complete the following:
  • 60 parking spots to include 3 handicap parking & paving. Grading work and lime stabilization work are complete and waiting for city inspections before pouring concrete for parking lot.
  • Frame work for main community building which is expected to start this week.
2: With funds from generous donors Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple was able to undertake completion of:
  • 1160 x 8 feet wall along north side of temple property.
  • Underground water & sewer utilities.
  • Independence Parkway road construction (330 feet) to include 2 through lanes & 2 turn lanes.
  • Foundation (~6000 sq feet) towards expansion of community hall building.
Additional signs will be posted for entrance and parking. Please be observant, watch for traffic changes and construction activity. 

Lord Hanuman Story

Anjaneya's Arrival...
In the last newsletter, we learned that Anjana Devi and Kesari, through the grace of Lord Shiva, were blessed to become parents to Anjaneya.
To the delight of his parents, Anjaneya - meaning son of Anjana - was born wearing a yagnopaveetha (sacred thread), golden earrings and silk clothes. Heavenly showers of exquisite flowers covered the infant as the devatas or angels blessed him. All over the world auspicious omens were witnessed, while in the Vanara kingdom it was a time of celebration.
Anjaneya, while a delightful child, was quite mischievous, too. One day Anjana Devi went to the forest to collect fruits for their breakfast while Anjani-putra (son of Anjana Devi) waited at home. Getting hungrier with each passing minute, Anjaneya happened to look up at the sky. He saw the sun glowing in beautiful shades of bright yellow, deep orange and vibrant red. Being an innocent child, His first thought was that the sun was a fruit. Being a divine child, He jumped and soared high into the sky reaching for what He thought was His next snack!
Born with the celestial powers, His natural energy was matchless. He rocketed higher and higher, past the clouds and the atmosphere, beyond even outer space and quickly came closer to Surya, the Lord of the Sun. By coincidence, it was the day of solar eclipse, when the planet Rahu engulfs the Sun.
On the way to overshadow the Sun, Rahu became angry that someone was trying to usurp his sacred duty. He gruffly asked Anjaneya to identify himself. Ever hungrier due to his flying adventure the young vanara's eyes looked upon Rahu - being dark in color - as if he were a large delicious blackberry. Anjaneya grabbed Rahu and opened his mouth to take a bite!  Rahu somehow managed to escape from Anjaneya's grasp and went directly to tell Lord Indra of this outrage.
Hearing what has occurred, Lord Indra became furious and left with his vajryudha or thunderbolt weapon to stop the intruder. Indra arrived just in time to watch baby Anjaneya about to swallow the sun! Indra shouted "Stop!" which drew Anjaneya's attention towards Indra and his white elephant vaahana, Airavata. Anjaneya leaped onto Airavata.
Unable to control his anger, Lord Indra threw his vajryudha and forcebly struck the left jaw of Anjaneya with his powerful weapon. Young Anjaneya became unconscious! And started falling traveling down from the heavens all the way down to finally land onto the peak of a hill. Seeing all this Anjaneya's divine father, Lord Vayu's anger grew no bounds. He gently carried his beloved son into a nearby cave and sat there. Ceasing his divine duties, Lord Vayu came very still and went into seclusion.
The air, like Lord Vayu, in all the worlds, in the entire universe, everywhere stood still! With no air, no atmosphere, there was no movement in the entire universe. Unable to breathe, the creatures of the universe collapsed, struggling for air.  All the devatas prayed to Lord Brahma for rescue. But even Lord Brahma was helpless. He told the devatas to immediately implore Lord Vayu to restore the flow of air.
Lord Brahma and all the devatas arrived at the cave where Lord Vayu held his unresponsive baby son in his arms. Lord Brahma approached them first and affectionately touched Anjaneya's head, softly stroking it. At once, Anjaneya regained consciousness and moved his limbs.  Lord Vayu became happy at seeing Anjaneya's movement and instantly restored air to all the worlds!
The grateful devatas showered many benedictions on little Anjaneya. Lord Indra gave him a necklace of golden lotus flowers and a boon that his Vajrayudha will never again harm Anjaneya. Since his thunderbolt left a mark on the baby's jaw or "Hanu", Indra told Anjaneya that He will become famous by the name of Hanuman. "Hanu" can also mean divine knowledge and true to that definition, Indra foretold that Hanuman will become a jnani, the perfect incarnation of wisdom.
Lord Varun's boon, with his power over the sea and rain, was that Hanuman could not be harmed by water. Lord Yama, with power over death, proclaimed that Anjaneya will never get sick, be ever free of all disease and will not be affected by any weapon in any war!
Lord Shiva blessed Hanuman with a boon of being protected from harm from the great Lord Shiva Himself in any war!
Vishvakarma, the celestial architect and blacksmith, announced that all the astras and shastras made by him will be ineffective against Hanuman!
Lord Brahma gave two boons. First, that the Brahmastra, a secret and ultimate weapon, will be harmless on Hanuman. The second that Hanuman will become a Chiranjivi, one with eternal life.
Thus all the devatas showered blessings and boons upon Sri Hanuman! 

Pavan-suta Hanuman Ki Jai!
Will be continued......
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple and we appreciate your patience and consideration during this time of construction.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team