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With support from each of you, together, we can reach our monthly funds goal so that construction can continue at a brisk pace. With your help, the Temple will be ready for our community and devotees.  Thank you for considering Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.

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Temple Events
  • Jan 1st, Thursday - Maha Ganapathi Puja (Special New Year Temple Open Hours 10:00AM - 8:00PM)
  • Jan 7th, Wednesday - Vaikunta Ekadashi
  • Jan 14th, Wednesday - Makara Sankranti
Sri Swamiji Says 
"For kindling devotion towards God, many ways are shown in our Shastras. Among them, satsang, means the company of good people: those who are good in all respects. They are called by various names,such as Mahatmas, Sadhus, Saints, Godmen. They are persons who have transcended the dvandas like raga and dvesha (love and hatred), labh and alabh (gain and loss), sukh and dukh (pleasure and pain). No event that takes place around them can disturb their poise. They reveal virtues such as Satya (truth), Saucha, (purity), Jnana (wisdom), Sama (silence, equanimity) and Dama (control of senses). They will always be immersed in the contemplation of God. Bhagawan Krishna has declared in Srimad Bhagavatham: "My devotees sanctify the whole universe." By their thoughts, words and deeds they influence and ultimately change the course of lives of those who associate with them. Such men are always rare to find. It should be our watchful endeavour always to shun bad company and keep such good company." 
Temple Update 

1: First Abhishekam to Lord Hanuman was conducted at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple on December 6th, Saturday starting at 10:30AM. Abhishekam to Lord Hanuman with milk was performed. The event ended with the Priest chanting for peace of departed souls in recent Mumbai attacks and everyone present praying for World Peace.

2: Hanuman Jayanthi was celebrated on Friday evening, December 26th, commemorating Lord Hanuman's birthday according to the birth star. This auspicious day was marked by performing a special Abhisekam and Puja to Lord Hanuman.

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Construction Update

2009 will be a historic and exciting year for Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple !!!

1: Community Hall Renovation:
The construction of the Worship Hall and Classrooms has begun!!  Foundation work for the new portion of the foundation is in process.  Underground water and sewer lines are in place.  Once framing begins in late January, progress will be easily visible to all!  

2: Road Work & Parking
Concrete for the Independence Parkway road expansion has been poured.  The construction of the turn lanes, curbs, and connections to the temple entrance will continue in January. Onsite parking lot work began on October 20th and is moving at an exciting pace.  Utilities work under the parking lots is almost complete. The soil grading is complete. Soil stabilization for the parking lot will take place in early January, and then the parking lot will be ready for concrete!!

Click here for more Construction Photos.
Lord Hanuman Story

In the last newsletter, we learned that Anjana was cursed to become a vanara and was sent, by her father Sage Gautama, to live as the adopted daughter of the great vanara King Kunjara.
Though she was going to be a vanara princess, having to leave her father and her childhood home made Anjana feel very sad. Her beauty, which once gave her such pride, was gone and her self-image was shattered. Unable to bear his daughter's melancholy mood, Sage Gautama told Anjana about her previous lives to help her better understand her current situation.
He reminded her of the universal law that every living being must follow Lord Shiva's sankalpa. He also told her that she will be experiencing the benefits of Lord Shiva's boon in this life due to the severe penance in her previous births. Hearing these details, Anjana felt better and slowly got accustomed to life as a vanara. In time, King Kujara settled Anjana marriage with the vanara hero, Kesari.
Though they both longed for offspring, Kesari and Anjana remained childless for many years. Sage Mathanga, their guru, advised them to perform tapas to Lord Shiva. The couple retired to the Rishabadri hills, known today as the Tirumala hills, to perform tapas.
Observing Anjana's severe penance, Vayu Deva sent her one fruit a day while she was immersed in tapas. She consumed the fruit as prasad and continued with her penance and prayers sincerely. One day, Vayu Deva sent Lord Shiva's divine brilliance in the form of a fruit to Anjana. Soon after consuming the divine prasad, Anjana realized that she was pregnant but was puzzled at how it occurred. A heavenly voice or Aakashvani declared to both Anjana and Kesari that it was Lord Shiva's will and soon a great soul will be born to them. The happy couple rejoiced upon hearing this and felt very blessed.
On the most auspicious day now celebrated the world over as Hanuman Jayanti, Anjani-putra was born.

To be continued.....
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team