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Phone: 866-996-6767
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March Monthly Goal:
With donations from each of you, together, we can reach the fundraising goal and keep the construction going at a brisk pace. 
Thank you for including the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.

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Ways to Give:
One Tulasi Leaf: $501
One Parking spot: $1,500

One Classroom: $25,000 Donate

Our kind Donors will be recognized on a special Donors' Wall Plaque and with heartfelt gratitude from all those that are served by the Temple.
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Contributions are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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(866) 996-6767
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Temple Events
Upcoming Events
March 19: Anaghastami Vratam
March 27: New Year - Ugadi, Gudi Padwa 
Regular Weekly Events -
Saturdays eveings
Chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa and Datta Raksha Mantra for personal peace and universal well-being. Check the Temple calendar for the latest timings.
Join the group chanting by devotees for a powerful and energizing experience. Devotees may also chant the mantra on their own and send weekly counts into Our goal is to have a maximum count by 2009 year end.
Visit  for photos of
past events
Volunteer Information Session
On Saturday, March 21 at 2pm:
At the request of devotees who could not attend the last session, the Temple Volunteer Team will be hosting another information session with details about volunteer opportunities at and within the Temple community.
Kindly use the invitation to the Volunteer Information Session to let us know if you will be attending.
Jai Hanuman!
Sri Swamiji Says 
Om Aim Hreem Sreem
Shivarama Anaghaa
Dattaaya Namaha

"The Datta Raksha Mantra has the rare combination for all that you need in life.

Aim indicates Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, Hreem means Sakti (power), Sreem indicates Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity. Anaghaa removes sins. Datta is the spiritual Master who offers himself to the disciple. Rama indicates the Lord who does not allow the outgoing sins of the devotee to return. The Divine Mother, Vishnu, Shiva and Guru manifest in this mantra.
All of you must cultivate the habit to recite this mantra repetitively, incessantly. "
Why A Raffle?
The funds from the temple raffle will help offset the temple construction costs. The raffle drawing will be in July where the winner will be selected in the presence of Sri Swamiji.
With great prizes like an SUV, plasma TV and a Wii, purchase a ticket today or take advantage of this month's promotion deal - purchase of 2 raffle tickets, get a Dallas Hanuman T-shirt.
For devotees interested in helping us reach the goal for raffle sales, please contact the raffle team at Raffle
Thank you. 
Jai Hanuman!

Temple Hindu School

With blessings from Sri Swamiji, every Sunday morning during the academic year, children come to the Temple ready for hindu school named Bala Datta.


Children come here to learn about deities like Lord Vishnu and the Dasavatar, Lord Dattatreya along with the holy Ramayana, Bhagavata, Mahabharata, and Shiva Purana. Taught in a fun filled way, the kids learn sanskrit slokas, rhythmic bhajans, and good moral values.


Bala Datta kids are also taught about the great saints of India and the significance of many popular festivals from all over India. Language classes  for Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are also offered.


Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention. Most of the classes this year have a waiting list.  To accommodate all of the children on the waiting lists, more sessions will be added for coming school year.
For more details and timings of Bala Datta, visit and click on Bala Datta or send email to

Our Kids on the Radio:

Bala Datta children will be chanting slokas, prayers and singing on Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9 FM on Saturday, March 21st between 7:00 to 7:30 AM. 

You can also listen on the web at Be sure to listen and tell the kids how good they were on the radio.


Previously, on February 21, Bala Datta children did a great job chanting the Datta Stavam and singing Sri Swamiji's Ramam Shyamala bhajan on RSN.

Construction Update

1:  The parking lot is complete!
Thank you all for being very understanding during the construction.  The trailer will now be much easier to access - no more driving or walking through mud.   
2:  For the next few months, crews will be working to complete the following:
  • Frame work for main community hall building.
  • Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Signage visible from the road
3:  With your generous donations, the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple was able to complete the:
  • 1160 x 8 feet wall along north side of temple property. Underground water & sewer utilities.
  • Independence Parkway road construction (330 feet) to include 2 through lanes & 2 turn lanes.
  • Foundation (~6000 sq feet) towards expansion of community hall building.
  • Parking lot with 69 parking spaces 
Lord Hanuman Story

In the last newsletter, we learned of Anjaneya's fantastic birth and the details of how the Gods bestowed numerous divine boons upon him.
While Hanuman was being showered with blessings, Vali and Sugreev - Anjana Devi's brothers and uncles to Hanuman - were blessed in a different way.  The nephew of Kunjara, Ruksharajasa, adopted Vali and Sugreev as his sons. Following this, Ruksharajasa's empire grew and he became the emperor of many vanara kingdoms.

In time Vali and Sugreev were sent to gurukul for proper
schooling. Anjaneya attended the same gurukul as his uncles where they all grew up and studied together. During this time, he became very close friends with Vali and Sugriva and their lives became forever entwined.

Will be continued......
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple and your patience and understanding during the construction. Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team