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eNewsletter: May 04, 2009 Vol:9 Ver:09.05
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Temple Events - Upcoming Events
Events in May, 2009 -  Full details on the Temple Calendar 
  • May 6, Wednesday: Pradosham
  • May 7, Thursday: Narasimha Jayanthi
    Sri Narasimha Abhishekam and Puja
  • May 8, Friday: Vaishakha Purnima
    Satyanarayana Vrata (Free for All Devotees) 
  • May 10, Sunday: Happy Mother's Day!
  • May 16, Saturday: Vaishakha Bahula Ashtami
    Anaghastami Vrata (Free for All Devotees)
  • May 19, Tuesday: Vaishakha Bahula Dashami & Hanuman Jayanti, Karya Siddhi Hanuman Abhishekam and Puja
  • May 21, Thursday: Pradosham
  • May 26, Tuesday: Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji Birthday celebrations & Sri Sadguru Paduka Puja

Please join in the daily chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa at 6:45 pm. The event pujas above will start at 7:00 pm.  Devotees may bring fruits, flowers and offerings of saatvic prasad (no onion/garlic) during these events.

Guru Purnima & Hanuman Mahotsav:  July 2-12, 2009
For the 10 day celebrations (July 2-12), we are honored to welcome Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji to the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco (DFW area). Highlights of the celebrations include:
  • July 2: Inauguration of the Temple Community Hall
  • July 4: Karya Siddhi Raga Saagara music concert at the famous Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth
  • Spiritual Camp for Children
  • Symphony of Yoga
  • Gna-Na-Bha Yoga conference
  • Discourses on Hanuman
  • Special Pujas, Abhisekas & Homas scheduled

Full program details and tickets are available now.

Sri Swamiji Says 
Matru Runa (emotional debt owned to mother) can never be paid back. 
In Matru Panchaka, Sankara Bhagavatpada describes the trouble we cause the mother while in her womb. Rama and Krishna had very high respect for their mothers.
Mother is the living God in everyone's life.

Temple Hindu School  &  Art Class


Bala Datta Annual Function

In this year's Bala Datta annual function, Narada will take audience to Sarva Devata Conference to find a simple solution that will ease suffering of mankind.  The theme for the annual function is "Peace, Protection & Prosperity".
All are welcome to enjoy the Annual function on May 9th 4:45 pm - 7 pm in the auditorium of the Centennial High School (6901 Coit Rd, Frisco, 75035). Dinner will follow.
Last minute schedule changes by the FRISCO ISD may affect this event. Please check the temple calendar on the day of the event for the latest information.

Bala Datta Registration Open for 2009-2010

For more details and timings, visit the Bala Datta page on the temple website or send an email to
Art Classes for Kids (For ages 3-12) - Coming soon.
During the class, each child will enjoy an art project first hand. The project will be presented with stories and morals from Hindu scriptures. The fun-filled classes will be a time to apprecaite being a hindu child in America while letting imaginations soar.
Classes will meet late afternoons on Saturdays and will charge a nominal monthly fee for materials. For those interested in learing more, please send an email to or watch the Art Class page for updates.
Construction Update
The Community Hall Builidng structure progressed on schedule and the roof is being completed now.
For the next couple months, crews will be working to complete the internals of the hall and the landscaping and irrigation.

The excitement is increasing as everyone sees the building become a reality. Thank you all for being very understanding during the construction (enjoy more pictures on picasa) and actively visiting the temple through it all.

Lord Hanuman Story

In the last newsletter, we learned that Sri Hanuman was cursed to forget his divine boons to stop his extreme mischief and help the progress of his formal education. But he would recall his skills when others reminded him of his divine abilities.
As time passed, Anjana Devi told her son to seek out Lord Surya to further his education and spoke of how he flew up to the Sun when he was a mere baby! Hearing his mother's words, Hanuman recalled his ability to fly.

Anjaneya jumped up to the sky toward Lord Surya's chariot. But Lord Surya decided to test his potential disciple and asked how he could possibly teach Hanuman? Since the well-being of the world depended on Lord Surya to always be moving, he could not stop to teach Hanuman. Hearing this, Hanuman immediately stood in front of Surya's chariot and obstructed his passage. Pleased by Hanuman's boldness, Lord Surya conceded this point.

Then Surya raised another concern. How would Anjaneya hear the lessons through the deafening noise that emanates from movement of the chariot? But Hanuman had a plan! Since the noise of the chariot is only on the outside of the chariot, Hanuman could extend his neck to be inside the chariot so that he would be close enough to hear the lessons fully and clearly. And though the chariot was ever moving, Hanuman proclaimed that he would run along at the perfect speed to keep up with Lord Surya's chariot. Thus Lord Surya's divine work could continue even while teaching Hanuman.

Delighted by Hanuman's mental prowess, Lord Surya happily agreed to be Hanuman's Guru and started the lessons immediately. Running along Surya's chariot which travels at the speed of light, Hanuman, an excellent disciple, finished his first day of education.

Will be continued...
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple and your patience and understanding during the construction. Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team