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Dollar A Day - $1
Support the Temple!

You've enjoyed the jovial Navratri celebrations with dancing every night and the grand Diwali celebrations where you relived memories from back home while creating new ones here with your own children. All of these events are only possible through the generous support of Temple devotees & event sponsors.

Lend your support to the Temple through the Dollar Seva program. Choose a level of donation that is right for your family - starting at $1 a day per registered family member or perhaps you can do a few dollars a day per member. All proceeds go directly towards the construction costs and support of Lord Hanuman's Temple.

Registered members will be recognized annually with a special Archana on Hanuman Jayanti.

Thank you
for including the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.
contributions are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Yoga AsanaTemple Class
for YOGA -
Free session on Nov. 7th

The Temple will be starting Yoga classes (ages 14* and above) soon. Well-known through out eastern culture for its mind & body benefits, Yoga's effectiveness is now being loudly lauded by the western world.

The classes will be taught by Sri Ramakanth Middela a certified Yoga teacher for Asana, Mudra Pranayama, Raja Yoga Samadhi meditation techniques.

Mr. Middela will be offering a free session on Saturday, November 7th at 7am. Those who have shown interest are encouraged to attend this session. The schedule for timings and fees will be discussed, as well.

Please visit the Yoga Class page on the temple website for more details. To register, send an email with the participants' names, ages & contact information to

*Youth under 18 must have written parental permission before attending or participating in any sessions.

Datta Raksha Mantra
Om Aim Hreem Sreem
Shivarama Anaghaa Dattaaya Namaha
Chant this sacred mantra daily. Train your mind to chant it always.
Temple Contact

12030 Independence Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75035  
(866) 996-6767

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Temple Open Hours

Hanuman Chalisa Chanting:
 Everyday before Aarti
11:45am & 7:45pm
Temple Monthly Newsletter
eNewsletter: November 01, 2009 Vol:15 Ver:09.11
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Temple Festivals - November 2009

Diya/Deepa (Lights) may be offered by Devotees - ONLY during month of Karthika (ends November 16, 2009)

  • Monday, November 2: Karthika Masa Special - Shiva Abhisheka
    10:30 am - MahaGanapati Abhisheka & Puja
    7:00 pm - Rudrabhisheka & Puja
    Luminous Deepas with 365 wicks are available

  • Thursday, November 5: Sankashta Hara Chaturthi
    7pm: Maha Ganapati Abhisheka & Puja

  • Monday, November 9: Anaghastami Vrata
    6:30 pm - Karthika Masa Special: Rudrabhisheka & Puja
    7pm - Anaghastami Vrata
    Sponsors will perform vrata personally

  • Friday, November 13: Pradosham
    10:30 am - Sri Devi Abhisheka, Puja
    7:00pm: Rudrabhiseka & Siva Puja

  • Saturday, November 14: Shanitrayodashi 8:00 am - Sahasra Lingarchana
    (Abhisheka and Archana to 1,116 Shiva lingas which will be handmade by temple devotees. Those interested to volunteer for this divine activity, email

    Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka, Sri Karya Siddhi
    Hanuman Abhisheka & Puja
    6:00 pm - Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, Lakshmi Astottara Stotra
    7:00PM - Hanuman Puja

  • Sunday, November 22: Skanda Sashti
    7:00 pm - Subramanya Abhisheka, Kavacha and Archana
    7:45 pm - Hanuman Chalisa

  • Saturday, November 29: Hanuman Vrata, Pradosham
    10:30 am - Sri Hanuman Abhisheka, Puja
    6:30 pm - Pradosham, Rubrabhisheka
    7:00 pm - Hanuman Vrata
    Sponsors will perform vrata personally

Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website. 

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated at the temple! For those interested to help, or bring saatvic prasad from home or help the onsite cooking team  - Please send an email to Seva@DallasHanuman.Org or call 866-996-6767 with your contact information.
Sri Swamiji Says

Although Yoga is employed to achieve health, it does not stop there.

By conferring the power to control the mind, it certainly shows the way to reach higher realms of Truth. There may be innumerable spiritual paths, but all paths employ yoga in one form or the other to reach the ultimate goal.

Therefore, it can be said that yoga does not have limitations such as religion, community, region and gender.
Special Temple Services:  
Visits by Utsav Moorthys to Your Home 
Devotees may now perform Abhisheka or Puja to the Temple's Hanuman or Devi utsav moorthy in their own homes. This unique seva is being offered so that devotess may obtain divine BLESSINGS in a very personal way and reap the benefits in all aspects of their lives.

Please contact the temple at 866-996-6767 or send an email to for more details.
Special Offerrings by Devotees:
Holy  River Pampa*
~ from the sacred Ramayan ~
Devotes may offer its holy waters as Abhiseka to Lord Hanuman
at our Hanuman Temple.

* Available at the Temple Puja counter.
Be sure to inquire about the other special offerings available to devotees at the temple.

Lord Hanuman Story

In the last newsletter, we learned that Ravana shamelessly abducted  Devi Sita in his flying chariot.  Sugreev and his exiled vanara supporters recovered a cloth wrapped package which was dropped from that chariot though they did not know whom it belonged to at the time.

Near the Rukshyamuka mountain, there was a holy river named Pampa, which means the remover of obstacles. The river emptied into a valley forming the Pampa lake and was known to have miraculous healing properties. Sugreev and Hanuman spent many afternoons in this serene and beautiful area.

On one such afternoon, they spotted two men walking along the lake shore, carrying bows and arrows. Even without seeing them clearly, Hanuman was filled with warmth and bliss. Sugreev, however, ran away and hid out of fear that Vali sent these warrior (Kshatriya) men to drag him back Kishkindha. He asked Hanuman to disguise himself and approach the strangers to find out the truth.

Hanuman, recalling his powers of diplomacy and disguise when Sugreev mentioned them, approached the two strangers in the form of a vedic boy. The boy asked the two handsome men innocently,"Who are you? Why are you dressed like sons of sages while carrying arms like warriors?"  Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman remained silent and simply smiled while closely observing the well-spoken and well-mannered boy before them.

As Hanuman was talking to them a feeling of bliss, unlike any he had felt before, steadily grew within him. He mentioned Sugreev and Vali while intently watching the two men for their reactions. There was nothing to concern him and Hanuman correctly surmised that they were not working for Vali. Soon, emboldened by this inner feeling within him, he spoke the truth about being Sugreev's minister and told the princes of their current situation. Then Hanuman invited the two princes to meet with King Sugreev.

The princes had actually come to this area looking for Sugreev based on the suggestions of Shabari, a tribal woman whom they had met on their search for Devi Sita. Impressed by Hanuman's countenance, scholarly speech and this fortunate coincidence, they heartily accepted Hanuman's invitation to meet with King Sugreev.

Will be continued...

Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple. Come and take Lord Hanuman's darshan in the wonderful Hanuman Cultural Center.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team