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For members of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple's Hauman Setu Bandha or Dollar Seva program, Sri Swamiji has promised something special during the Sanjeevani Pasara program.
Now is a good time to join and tell you friends to join as well. Give of yourself in an easy and selfless way.

Choose a level of donation that is right for your family - starting at just $1 a day per registered family member. If you can afford more, register to donate at a few dollars a day. The proceeds go towards the Temple construction loan, maintenance and community events.

Take a few moments to enroll and the rest is easy. Start with $1/day today. 
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 Active members will be honored with a special Archana on Hanuman Jayanti, every year.


Thank you for including the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in your charitable giving.
 Contributions are tax deductible under
 Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Sri Swamiji Says:  Special Message For Dallas
Shortly I will be visiting Dallas. There is a special gift for the members of Hanuman Setu Bandha group. 
To enjoy the gift, enroll as a Hanuman Setu Bandha member. If you are already enrolled, inform to your family members and friends. All the members of Hanuman Setu Bandha are in my heart. I always remember them.  Do not miss the special blessings at Dallas. 
May Lord Hanman bless you and your family members with health and prosperity.
From Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji on April 2, 2010
Temple Class Offerings
Visit the Classes at the Hanuman Temple page to see all of the Temple's on-site classes including:  
  • Bala Datta classes: has developed a program of religious instruction and personality development for children.
  • Art classes:  are offered for kids in age groups of 3-5, 6-8 and 9+, the classes are focused on encouraging and developing the artistic abilities of the talented young students.
  • Yoga classes: are focused on Asanas, Pranayama, Amrit Aahar, Yog Nidra, Dhyan, Sanathana Yog/Dharma/Sathya that have been scientifically researched and practiced for over thousands of years.
  • Bhajan classes: are free this full session and will teach students the bhajans of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Students will demonstrate their progress by performing at the Temple Events and Satsangh, which is open to all members of the Temple community.
  • Kriya Yoga classes: are focused on the importance of proper breathing, postures & asanas, 14 different mudras, 6 different pranayamas and diet and its effects. 
Datta Raksha Mantra
Om Aim Hreem Sreem
Shivarama Anaghaa
Dattaaya Namaha
Chant this sacred mantra daily.
Train your mind to always chant it.
Temple Contact

12030 Independence Pkwy  
Frisco, TX 75035  
(866) 996-6767

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Temple Open Hours
Sri Hanuman
Hanuman Chalisa Chanting
 Everyday before Aarti
11:45am & 7:45pm
Temple Monthly Newsletter
eNewsletter: April 05, 2010 Vol:20 Ver:10.04
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Festivals Highlights - April 2010

  • April 5 (Mon): Anaghastami Vrata
  • April 11 (Sun): Pradosham Puja
  • April 13 (Tues): Vishu & Tamil New Year
  • April 19 (Mon): Shukla Shashti & Subramanya Abhisheka. Kavadi will be available.
  • April 22 (Thurs) - 28 (Wed): Sanjeevani Prasara
 Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website.
Sri Swamiji Visit:  Sanjeevani Prasara 2010
His Holiness Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji will be visiting the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple for the first time since the inauguration last July. 
Sri Swamiji's vision created the 85 foot Hanuman moorthy in Trinidad - the world's largest outside of India.
Mark your calendars for April 22-28 and come for darshan of this great spiritual leader, ardent proponent and devotee of Lord Hanuman during the Sanjeevani Prasara.
Program Highlights at the Temple will include:
  • Pujya Sri Swamiji's soul-stirring bhajan sessions & captivating speeches
  • Sundara Kanda Discourse in ENGLISH by Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Theertha Swamiji (Sri "Bala" Swamiji)
  • Sri Chakra Puja by Sri Swamiji / Sri Bala Swamiji
  • Auspicious Sri Sita Rama Kalyana
  • Special Vratas: Sri Anaghastami & Sri Satyanaraya
  • Powerful Chandi Homa for World Relief (free participation)
  • Bala Datta & Children's programs
  • Various Cultural programs 
  • Kriya Yoga workshop
Those interested in being a Donor or Sponsor, please send your contact details to Info@DallasHanuman.Org so that we may share the available opportunities with you. 

Jaya Guru Datta! Jai Hanuman

Lord Hanuman: Greatest of Volunteers

Humble seva is as part of Lord Hanuman as is the divine name of Lord Rama.

In the spirit of Lord Hanuman, please come forward and volunteer at the Temple.
Volunteers are needed to make this Temple run: for everyday routine tasks and especially during special events and festivals.
In April, the temple is hosting Sanjeevani Prasara from April 22nd to 28th and will be graced by the presence of His Holiness Parama Pujya Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji's at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple  An ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, Sri Swamiji is the visionary behind the 85 foot Hanuman moorthy in Trinidad, the tallest such figure in the world outside of India.
The complete schedule and planned programs are available on the Sanjeevani Prasara event page. With numerous spiritual, religious and cultural activities occurring during this time, there are many areas that need volunteers. We request each of YOU to donate your time (even a few hours will make a difference) to help make this event a more enjoyable experience for all attendees.  
Please let us know at what time and day(s) will you be willing and available to volunteer at temple. Just send an email to with your availability and contact information. You will be contacted via phone by a dedicated volunteer to answer any questions. So please send that email today.
Special Note-To High School Students (14+ only):
If selected, your service at the temple does qualify as official community service and you will be eligible to receive a letter documenting your volunteer hours. Please ask you parents for permission and have them send an email with your name, age and your parents' contact information along with the preferred volunteering days/times.
Thank you for answering this call for doing seva.

Sri Guru Datta! Jai Hanuman! 
Cultural & Community Events*:
Upcoming Music Programs:  
  • April 11 (Sunday)
    3-5pm: Classical Vocal Concert by
    Smt. Bhargavi Balasubramanian
  • April 18 (Sunday)
    4 pm: Classical performance by Ms. Abhinaya
  • April 24 (Friday)- April 28 (Wednesday)
    See Sanjeevani Prasara
     for full event details.
Upcoming Community Programs: 
April 17 (Saturday), 10:30 am: Medical Lecture Series 
Diabetes & its serious health implications
Presented by Dr. Anitha Vyza
Dr. Vyza will cover defining Diabetes and its symptoms, who is at risk, and the right time to see your doctor. This series will also discuss the importance and benefits of early treatment.
With 10 years of experience, Dr. Vyza is presently practicing at Centennial Hospital & Medical Center of Plano. 
If you have any doubts or questions on this medical topic, please email Health@DallasHanuman.Org so that the doctors may cover your concerns in the lecture.
*Events are subject to change without notice.
For the latest schedule of events and details, visit the Hanuman Temple website or call the temple hotline.
Lord Hanuman Story
In the last newsletter, all the vanaras had failed to find Devi Sita within the time set by King Sugreev. They had failed - even the group lead by Prince Angada.

Still distraught at having missed King Sugreev's deadline for locating Devi Sita, the vanaras were lamenting their fate.  Utterly dejected, Prince Angada wished at least for a noble death like Jatayu.

Nearby, the eagle king Sampati heard the mention of his brother and asked the vanaras to tell the circumstances of Jatayu's death. The vanaras told him of Lord Ram and Ravana's despicable abduction of Devi Sita.  Sampati was determined to assist the vanaras in their mission and avenge his brother's death.  Using his keen vision, he located Devi Sita about 1200 miles away on the island of Lanka.

Overjoyed to have some news of Sita, the vanaras wanted to immediately verify it with their own eyes. But who amongst them could cross such a huge distance? One by one, each vanara stated the distance he could jump. While few could make the jump, none could remain strong enough for the return journey. The vanaras were stuck once again!

Meanwhile, the great warrior bear Jambavan approached Sri Hanuman who was seated some distance away from the rest of the group.  Jambavan reminded Hanuman of his many abilities, immense strength, and great courage. He told Hanuman that he and only he was capable of completing this mission successfully. This reminded Hanuman of his true nature and he started to grow in size and glowed with divine radiance.  Then Hanuman agreed to make the journey to Lanka and  find Devi Sita. 

All the vanaras shouted and danced with joy - they had found their hero! Jai Hanuman!

Will be continued...

Hanuman Img
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple. Come and take Lord Hanuman's darshan in the wonderful Hanuman Cultural Center.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team