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New Yoga Class  for KIDS

Yoga for Kids & Parents:
This class is geared towards children (ages 5-14) with active participation from the accompanying parent.  In these sessions, students will be exposed to the concepts of asanas, Pranayama, meditation, slokas, mind management, 7 habits for effective kids/teens and Amrit ahaar. Do not be surprised to see an increased level of responsibility and respect along with an inculcation of human values in your child after this course.

This special summer session will be from Sunday, July 11 to Sunday, August 15 from 8:00am to 9:30am with a nominal fee which covers both the student and parent. Prompt attendance at all the sessions is highly encouraged.

For questions, please email Please register your children at the Temple Puja Desk.
Calling  All Youth. . . !

The Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple is happy to announce the formation of the Temple YOUTH Group.

The first meeting will be on Saturday, July 17th at 6:30pm in the courtyard on the East side of the temple. Age grouping will be 8-14 and 15+.

The four major goals of the group are: develop healthy self esteem and personality; service (seva) to the community and the Hanuman temple; increase knowledge about the Hindu religion and Indian culture and create camaraderie amongst the members.

Please sign up for this great opportunity to do volunteer service while meeting like-minded youth. To learn more and/or RSVP to the first meeting, email with your name, age, and contact information.

Coming soon to Facebook!

Youth under 18 must have parental approval and support to join the group.

Temple Class Offerings

Visit the
Classes at the Hanuman Temple page to see all of the Temple's on-site classes including:  
  • Bala Datta classes: has developed a program of religious instruction and personality development for children.
  • Art classes:  are offered for kids in age groups of 3-5, 6-8 and 9+, the classes are focused on encouraging and developing the artistic abilities of the talented young students.
  • S.T.Y.L.E. Yoga classes: are focused on Asanas, Pranayama, Amrit Aahar, Yog Nidra, Dhyan, Sanathana Yog/Dharma/Sathya that have been scientifically researched and practiced for over thousands of years.
  • Bhajan classes: are free this full session and will teach students the bhajans of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Students will demonstrate their progress by performing at the Temple Events and Satsangh, which is open to all members of the Temple community.
  • Kriya Yoga classes: are focused on the importance of proper breathing, postures & asanas, 14 different mudras, 6 different pranayamas and diet and its effects. 
Datta Raksha Mantra
Om Aim Hreem Sreem
Shivarama Anaghaa
Dattaaya Namaha
Chant this sacred mantra daily.
Train your mind to always chant it.
Temple Contact

12030 Independence Pkwy  
Frisco, TX 75035  
(866) 996-6767

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Temple Open Hours
Sri Hanuman
Hanuman Chalisa Chanting
 Everyday before Aarti
11:45am & 7:45pm
Temple Monthly Newsletter
eNewsletter: July 01, 2010 Vol:23 Ver:10.07
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Festivals Highlights - July 2010
Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website.
Hanuman Cultural Center: July 3, 2010
First Anniversary Celebrations
Saturday,  July 3: All Day Special Events & Pujas

Sacred pujas, a unique Hanuman Chalisa Homa and special cultural performances and appearances by revered and renowned guests will mark the anniversary of the Hanuman Cultural Center - the home of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco.

Hanuman Chalisa Homa - 10:00am
This special day will start off with the unique Hanuman Chalisa Homa where sponsors will be able to perform this simple yet powerful Homa invoking Lord Hanuman.
Each sponsoring couple will personally perform the homa while chanting of the lyrical and sacred Hanuman Chalisa.  Multiple couples may perform the homa simultaneously but slots and timings of the homa are limited.
Pre-registration is highly advised to guarantee your slot for this great Homa created by HH Sri Swamiji especially for the Hanuman Temple. Sponsorship: $51
While waiting for your opportunity to perform the Hanuman Chalisa Homa, join in the chantings for the 1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana starting at 10:00am.
Participation is free and open to all devotees.

Temple Aarti and anniversary Mahaprasad Lunch will follow after the completion of the Hanuman Chalisa Homas and 1008 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana.

Cultural Programs:
4:00 pm: Heavenly Flute Concert  by
Maestro Prof. Prapancham Sita Ram 
A child prodigy, winner of President of India award (two times) and international UNESCO award, and musical genius...

7:00 pm: Karya Siddhi Hanuman Puja
Honorable Guest: Swami Ramdevji
A revered saint and preacher from India who created a "Yog" revolution by teaching Pranayama, the ancient Indian art of breathing exercises, Swami Ramdevji will take a break from his Yoga camp in Dallas to visit the Hanuman Temple on the special occasion of our Annual Celebrations. Be blessed at Swami Ramdevji's yoga camp and also come have his darshan at the KSHT.

Temple Aarti & Mahaprasad Dinner will follow the evening pujas and program.


Thank you to each and everyone of the devotees who have visited the temple to offer love, devotion and dedicated service to
Lord Hanuman.

May Lord Hanuman's continue to shower His blessing upon you and your families.
Jai Guru Hanuman!

Cultural / Community Events -
July 2010

  • July 2, Fri: 7:00pm
    Music Workshop: Intro to Carnatic
    By Prof. Prapancham Sita Ram
    Purandaradasa's Abhysaganam

  • July 3, Sat: 4:00pm
    Flute Recital
    By Prof. Prapancham Sita Ram

  • July 11, Sun: 4:30pm
    Sundarakhanda Parayanam
    By Pujya Sri Ajaybhai Yagnik

  • July 19, Sat: 10:30am
    Monthly Health Seminar
Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website.
Sri Swamiji Says HH Sri Swamiji

Physical and Mental Sevas are important. Results will be seen. Just coming and watching an Aarti in a temple will not bring you closeness or involvement.

Since we are beings born to fulfill our Karmas, we have to perform Karma (activity). This is the rule

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Lord Hanuman Story

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Jai Guru Hanuman!
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Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple. Come and take Lord Hanuman's darshan in the wonderful Hanuman Cultural Center.
Jai Hanuman!
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