Thank you to all the devotees and volunteers who attended the Sanjeevani Prasara Event at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in April. With thrilling bhajans by Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji, three days of enchanting discourses on the Sundara Kanda by Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji, daily pujas filled with powerful mantras and a special Chandi Homa for world benefit... it was a very memorable event, indeed. Be sure to visit the temple soon to see the newly unveiled Sanjeevani Hanuman painting and Naadaanjaneya sculpture.

Enjoy the pictures from Sanjeevani Prasara.
As Sri Swamiji Said to all attendees... Jai Guru Hanuman!

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Temple Class Offerings
Festival Highlights / Events
Cultural Events
Medical Lecture: Arthritis
The Greatest of Volunteers
Lord Hanuman Story

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New Session & Registrations
  • S.T.Y.L.E. Yoga classes are starting a new session with a free orientation session on May 8 at 7am in the main hall of the Hanuman Temple. Get more information on the class on the Yoga page.

    To register, send an email to with the names of all students and contact information.

  • Art Classes are host an orientation session on May 22nd for all the parents of students enrolling for the new session starting on June 5th.

    For questions, please email Please register your children at the Temple Puja Desk using the Art Class Form.

  • Bala Datta Registration for the 2010-2011 school year will  begin soon.  Please watch for emails with more information.

    For questions, please email

 Temple Class Offerings

Visit the
Classes at the Hanuman Temple page to see all of the Temple's on-site classes including:  
  • Bala Datta classes: has developed a program of religious instruction and personality development for children.
  • Art classes:  are offered for kids in age groups of 3-5, 6-8 and 9+, the classes are focused on encouraging and developing the artistic abilities of the talented young students.
  • S.T.Y.L.E. Yoga classes: are focused on Asanas, Pranayama, Amrit Aahar, Yog Nidra, Dhyan, Sanathana Yog/Dharma/Sathya that have been scientifically researched and practiced for over thousands of years.
  • Bhajan classes: are free this full session and will teach students the bhajans of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Students will demonstrate their progress by performing at the Temple Events and Satsangh, which is open to all members of the Temple community.
  • Kriya Yoga classes: are focused on the importance of proper breathing, postures & asanas, 14 different mudras, 6 different pranayamas and diet and its effects. 
Datta Raksha Mantra
Om Aim Hreem Sreem
Shivarama Anaghaa
Dattaaya Namaha
Chant this sacred mantra daily.
Train your mind to always chant it.
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Temple Open Hours
Sri Hanuman
Hanuman Chalisa Chanting
 Everyday before Aarti
11:45am & 7:45pm
Temple Monthly Newsletter
eNewsletter: May 07, 2010 Vol:21 Ver:10.05
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Festivals Highlights - May 2010

  • May 5 (Wed): Anaghastami Vrata
  • May 11 (Tues): Pradosham Puja
  • May 18 (Tues): Sri Shankara Jayanthi & Jayalaxmi Mata Jayanthi
  • May 19 (Wed): Shukla Shashti & Subramanya Abhisheka.
    Kavadi will be available.
  • May 25 (Tues): Pradosham Puja
  • May 26 (Wed): Birthday Celebration for Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji / Sadguru Paduka Puja / Narasimha Jayanthi / Maha Vaishakhi 
  • May 27 (Thurs): Satyanarayana Vrata 
  • May 30 (Sun): Sankashtahara Chaturthi & Mahaganapathi Abhisheka
Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website.
Cultural Events - May 2010

  • May 8 (Sat):
    6pm - Vishnu Sahasranama chanting
    by Smt. Lakshmi Gunturi's group
  • May 9 (Sun):
    11am - STYLE Yoga Introduction
    by Sri Ramakanth Middela
  • May 15 (Sat):
    4pm - Smt. Padma Ashok's group
    5pm - Smt. Nidhi Ranganathan's group
  • May 22 (Sat):
    3pm - Chy. Abhinaya Ganesh (vocal)
  • May 29 (Sat):
    2pm - Smt. Subha Ramanan's group

Full details for all the planned events/programs are on the Temple website.
Community Events*:
Medical Lecture Series
May 15 (Saturday), 10:30 am:

Presented by Dr. Mohan Penmecha
Dr. Penmecha will cover what Arthritis is and the different types of it. Also covered will be its causes and symptoms. Be sure to attend this informative session on this leading ailment in the Indian community
Practicing since 1996, Dr. Penmecha completed his residency in Internal Medicine in Michigan and did his fellowship in Rheumatology at Rush University, Chicago.
If you have any  questions for this series,  please email Health@DallasHanuman.Org so that the doctors may cover your concerns in the lecture.
*Events are subject to change without notice.

Jai Hanuman!

Lord Hanuman: Greatest of Volunteers

Lord Ram and Sita
Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of humble, selfless seva.

Follow in His footsteps...

Be a Volunteer at the
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple!
Volunteers are needed to make this Temple run: for everyday routine tasks and especially during special events and festivals.
Volunteering can mean helping to cook meals (Annadaan seva), chanting the Hanuman Chalisa while preparing items needed for future pujas, helping organize the bookstore, being a trained volunteer at the registration desk, and so much more.

Volunteering teaches you  team work and critical thinking while building a strong sense of community and world awareness.
To High School Students (14+ only):
Those selected will be eligible to receive a letter documenting the volunteer hours as official community service. Please ask you parents for permission and have them send an email with your name, age and your parents' contact information along with the preferred volunteering days/times.
Thank you for answering this call for doing seva.

Sri Guru Datta! Jai Hanuman! 
Lord Hanuman Story
In the last newsletter, Lord Hanuman agreed to undertake the arduous journey across the ocean in search for Devi Sita.

Reminded of his divine powers, Lord Hanuman increased in size and concentrated his mind and heart on Lord Ram.  Sri Hanuman stretched his body and pushed off with his mighty tail. Chanting Lord Ram's name and using prana vayu (yogic breath control), Vayu-putra (son of the Lord Vayu) flew across the ocean towards Lanka.

The sea creatures leapt out of the water to catch a glimpse of Lord Hanuman's incredible flight. Even Lord Varun, god of the sea, watched with delight and wondered how he could be of service to Hanuman on this divine mission.

Lord Varun approached Mount Mainaka, the last of the winged mountains* and son of Himalaya, to help Hanuman. Mainaka sat in the ocean and blocked the passageway between earth and the netherworld. Demons (rakshashas) used this tunnel to come to earth and torment all the living creature here. With the ability to increase his size at will, Mainaka kept the demons at bay even when they tried to increase the size of the doorway.

Mainaka rose up and started to come towards Hanuman. Seeing a giant mountain racing towards him and angry that perhaps Mainaka planned to stop his journey, Hanuman smashed into the mountain with great force. Realizing Hanuman's special strength, Mainaka took a human form and offered Hanuman his help by asking him to take a brief rest before continuing on to Lanka.

Though pleased with Mainaka's kind offer, Hanuman had promised to fly across the ocean as swiftly as one of Lord Ram's arrows and could not stop - even briefly. After gently touching Mainaka's peak and thanking him for his hospitality, Hanuman flew onwards like a great wind.

* Those interested in knowing more about winged mountains may send an email to

Will be continued...

Hanuman Img
Thank you for supporting the Hanuman Temple. Come and take Lord Hanuman's darshan in the wonderful Hanuman Cultural Center.
Jai Hanuman!
Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Team