Jai Guru Hanuman! Dear Karya Siddhi Hanuman-ji,        

Our volunteers are always working hard to bring great events and cultural programs to your Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. We hope you enjoyed the 10 day of fun for Navaratri with Garba and Dinner provided every night to all attendees. Enjoy the photos by clicking here.

If you missed it, there are a lot more - including special one time only -
events planned for November:

  • Annavara Satyanarayana Vrata, USA Tour, Nov 11-13:  Arrives in DFW, only at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple during the auspicious month of Kaarthika. To learn what makes this Vrata special and register, see more details below.
  • Diwali Celebration, Nov 5: Chopda Puja (Dhanalakshmi Puja with coins) followed by a sparkling fun time for all... Bring your kids and re-live the joy of Diwali ... in Frisco! See more details on the Temple Calendar.
  • AnnaKut, Nov 6: Follows Diwali and literally means a 'mountain of food'. It is a celebration of God's bounty from what is traditionally the end of the harvest. Delicious dishes, 56 different items, are made from the harvest and arranged in beautiful displays. They are offered with deep gra
    titude to Sri Krishna, our beloved Govardhana Giri Dhari, for His blessings. See more details below including how to participate by preparing a dish as offering during Annakut.

There are a lot of event in November: Pujas, Vratas and Cultural programs, too. Visit the temple calendar for all the details.

We are requesting Sri Hanuma Toram Experiences from you. Did you tie a  Toram and chant Sri Hanuman's mantra everyday?  What happened? Please email your story for possible publication in the Newsletter.

For all the latest events, photos and updates, visit the Temple webite at www.DallasHanuman.org and go to the calendar link or visit us on Facebook.


In the midst of the Festive season, please take time to give to those who are less fortunate. Make a donation of canned food at the Hanuman Temple. The Food drive will benefit local Texas food banks.


Jai Hanuman! 

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 eNewsletter: November 03, 2010
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One time only: Annavaram Satyanarayana Vrata in DFW
Diwali, Annakut & Hanuma Toram Experiences & Sri Swamiji Says
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Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra (Toram Mantra)

Tvamasmin Kaarya Niryoge Pramaanam Hari Sattama Hanuman Yatna Maasthaaya

Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhava

O Lord Hanuman -
Lord of Courage.
You alone can bestow
strength on me.
Please help me overcome my obstacles and sorrows
and keep me safe

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 Hanuman Setu Bandha
Join the  Hanuman Setu Bandha ( with just $1 / day) donation program at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. 
 Thank you for participating.

Upcoming Temple Festivals & Events
Annavaram Utsav Moorty
Lord Satyanarayana Vrata
USA Tour
Nov 11, Thursday
Session: 6:30pm

Nov 12, Friday
Session: 6:30pm

Nov 13, Saturday
Sessions: 10 am, 2pm, 6:30pm

All Sponsor slots are limited for each session and available on a first come, first served basis.

Sponsors will receive all puja materials including commemorative vastra, laminated photo,  blouse piece, Annavaram akshita, kumkum, haldi, and other required puja materials. Authentically prepared Annavaram prasad will be given during the special darshan following the Vrata. Mahaprasad will be served after darshan.  Devotees may bring fruits and flowers for the Vrata.
Suggested Donation: $151

Grand Sponsors will be able to be seated on the stage near the Utsav Moorthys to perform Vrata. Each Grand Sponsor will receive a special Kubera Deepam (Silver Diya) along all other Sponsor level prasads and puja materials.
Suggested Donation: $501

Nilaya Sponsors or Home Visits are also available on a limited basis.
Click for more details.

 Click for Event Flyer

Register Online for Puja
Specialty of Annavaram Temple

Lord Veera Venkata Satyanarayana
Just as Tirupati is known for Lord Balaji or Sri Venkateswara, the Annavaram Temple is known for its powerful Sri Satyanarayana Vrata.  Anna-varam means wanted boon and is reknowed for Devotees being granted their wishes after performing vrata at this temple.

For the first time ever, the Priets and Utsav Moorthys from Annavaram will tour the US, offering devotees in America the opportunity to perform Samoohika Satyanaraya Vrata.

No details were unexplored in recreating the authentic experience of performing this Vrata. Puja items,
such as Akshita, Vastras (upper cloth), Pratimas
were brought directly from India. A priest trained in properly preparing the authentic and unique Annavaram Satyanaraya Prasad will be on-site at the Hanuman Temple, as well.

For those devotees, seeking a more private and personal audience, may choose to be Nilaya Sponsors and invite the Utsav moorthys to their home for special Archana puja. Please call the temple hotline (866-996-6767) for scheduling information.

Do not miss this amazing chance to take blessings from these sacred Moorthys and gain relief from your problems and worries.

Click for the Temple Calendar

Temple Mela

On Saturday, November 13, the Temple will be hosting a Mela on the covered outdoor hallway near the main entrance doors.

Those interested to participate may call the temple hotline or visit the
temple website for more information.

Temple Souvenir 

To advertise in the Temple souvenir for this event, interested devotees or businesses may call the temple hotline or get more details on the temple website. Sponsorship deadline is Nov 5th.

Utsav Moorthy
Home Visits

Nilaya Sponsors will have the once in a lifetime oppurtunity to invite the Annavaram Utsav Moorthy's to their home for visit. The visit will include direct blessings from the Annavaram Utsav Moorthys and Priest as well as a special Archana Puja in your home. Special prasad will be given to each Nilaya Sponsor. Nilaya Sponsor will be confirmed only after written confirmation from the Hanuman Temple.
Suggested Donation: $751

Special Features:
Sri Hanuma Toram
Devotee Experience

Sri Hanuman ThoramWorking on a critical project at work, I was coordinating the requirements of a few key business groups. A misstep could result in delays  and impact the whole company. On this stress filled project, I realized I had missed an extremely important need of a large business group. While I worked hard to correct this, it was a Friday and many people were heading home. I didn't know how the issue would be resolved without impacting the project. Another stress filled few days passed and a friend suggested the Hanuman Toram. Needing all the help I could get, I tied one at the Hanuman Temple and chanted the mantra with full devotion everyday. The issue was still a high risk but within a few days of the Toram, we found a way to work around it with minimal project impact. The big issue became a non-issue. All I could think was that the Toram made it happen. 

Jai Hanuman!
-- Name withheld upon request
Sri Swamiji Says
Share the Divine Knowlegde
Practice of silence is beneficial and imperative. It pacifies man's
nature. It increases knowledge, gives strength and leads to spirituality. Don't waste precious time in useless talks.

Every one sins. One should be pure in thought, word and deed. One should be pure in the dealings of body, mind, and wealth, in all three states of wakefulness, dream, and sleep. One should truly repent for one's mistakes. Then God forgives.

In spite of his achievements, man is unhappy. Everything would be fine
for him, if only he learns humility by accepting the fact that what he
thinks he has achieved, was made possible for him by God. His
achievements are really God's making.

-- His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji


Make your donations go farther with Corporate Matching programs.
Questions? Ask us at Donations@DallasHanuman.org
Diwali & Annakut
Nov 3-7 & Nov 6

Diwali  (Nov 3-7)  Starting with Dhanteras on Wednesday, Kalichaudas with Maha Kali Kumkum Puja on Thursday (Mahaprasad dinner served. On Friday,  celebrations will start with DhanaLakshmi Chopda puja (Mahaprasad dinner served).  For those interested, sparkling fun will be available to cebebrate the festival of lights and the triumph of Good over evil.

Gujrati New Year / Sal Mubarek  (Nov 7)
The temple will be open all day  for archana.
Annakut  (Nov 6)
will be celebrated in authentic style at the Hanuman Temple with many delicacies offered to Sri Krishna.

Interested devotees may bring any of the following sweets to the celebrations by 5pm on Saturyday.

All items must be saatvic and prepared without onion and garlic.  Please send an email to Seva@DallasHanuman.org  to reserve your item.

  • 4 volunteers for Puri - 125 each
  • 6 volunteers for Bhajiya  - 125 each
  • 6 volunteers for Chole  -  6qt  Chole  each

  • The sweet Items  listed below , in any quantity, would be appreciated: 

    Ksheera,  Magas, Mohanthal, Penda, 
    Bundi Laddu,  Kaju Katri, Anjir Roll, 
    Badam Pak, Nankhatai, Gulab Jamun, 
    Rasmalai, Rasgulla, ChamCham, 
    Gajar Halwa, Khajur (Date) Halwa, 
    Dudhi Halwa, Sukdhi, Coconut Halwa,
    Jalebi, Halwasan, Basundi, 
    Dudhpak   or   Gughra

    Any other curry, snack, rice or sweet
    are also welcome.

    Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman

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