Due to the Lunar eclipse or "Chandra Grahana"
on Monday, June 4

The Temple will open at 10:30 am.


 Jai Guru Hanuman, Karya Siddhi Hanuman-ji 


The Hanuman Temple held a family friendly fun event - the Summer Festival - in honor of HH Sri Swamiji's birthday.  The fun filled day had lots to do including bounce houses, face-painting, henna along with fresh popcorn and ice cold drinks for the kids! Two kid friendly clown & magic shows captured the kids and held them transfixed. The parents enjoyed the mela shopping with many came away great few deals in jewelry and clothing!


The unique Dattatreya Homa was performed by many families throughout the morning.  Though many activities were held outside, Lord Vayu kindly provided lovely breezes which made the temperatures cool and the outdoor fun very pleasant. 


Each of the classrooms were decorated to highlight the various activities at the Temple including: Social Donation & Services programs, Music Theraphy, Relaxation room with massage chair and the Hanuman room where devotees could perform sindoor puja directly to Lord Hanuman's moorthy.


The afternoon was filled with cultural programs with participants from numerous local schools.  Visit the temple page on facebook to view all the photos. Just friend the Temple at www.Facebook.com\HanumanTemple


Don't forget - Share Your Food Tuesday: Skip one meal and donate the food or monetary equivalent. That is the crux of the Share Your Food program.  Click to read more about it in this newsletter.


Events during this month 
  • Every Sat, 10am - 12 noon: Meditation room & Healing Music
    In the peaceful room filled with HH Sri Swamiji's healing music, devotees will be able to meditate in a relaxing environment. The 30 minute sessions are on a first come basis. 
  • Sat, 2nd - Vaikasi Visakham, Subramanya Abhisheka 
  • Sun, 3rd - Smt. Sangeeta Katti Kulkarni  - vocal concert
    Mallige Kannada Association & Dr. Kalpana Rao Memorial
  • Mon, 4th - Chandra Grahana (Lunar eclipse)
    Temple will open late at 10:30 am 
  • Sat, 16th - Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka, Shani Trayodashi 
    Abhisheka performed to 11 times, once for each aspect Lord Shiva
Upcoming Events in the next month
  • Mon, 2nd - Guru Purnima, Satyanarayana Vrata 
  • Tue, 3rd - KSHT Anniversary v 4th - USA Independence
  • Sun, 15th - Dakshinayana Punyakala
  • Sun, 22nd - Naga Chaturthi
  • Mon, 23rd - Garuda (Naga) Panchami
  • Sat, 21th & 28th - Sri Balaji Utsava (Procession)
  • Thu, 26th - Sri Narahari Teertha Aradhana
  • Fri, 27th - Vara MahaLakshmi Vrata (Main)
  Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!  



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 Jai Guru Hanuman!! 

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Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka
Worship of Lord Maha Shiva

One of the holy Hindu Trinity, 

along with Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva is widely known as the most easily pleased through worship and the most generous with forgiveness.  Shiva has eleven forms of Rudra. During Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka each of the 11 Rudras are reverently worshiped.  The eleven forms are: Mahadeva, Shiva , Maha Rudra, Shankara, Neelalohita, Eshana Rudra, Vijaya Rudra, Bheema Rudra, Devadeva, Bhavodbhava and Adityatmaka Srirudra.   

Please join the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple 
on Saturday, June 16
at 9:30am for
Shani Trayodashi & Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka
Summer Session for Classes:
Arts, Bhajan & Carnatic
The Summer session dates are 
June 8, 16, 23, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4, 11 & 18.

For more details about the classes, please visit the Classes link on the Temple website or

Did you know that... 

At Your Hanuman Temple 


... the Temple bookstore lets you browse books at your leisure in the Temple?  So take your time and look around.  When you find a book that looks interesting, pick it up and have a seat in the Temple main hall.  Spend some time reading it. Then you can decide if you want to purchase it to continue reading it at home.


... every Saturday, there will be a Meditation room at the Temple open to devotees?  It has been proven in medical studies that meditation or introspective time is very beneficial for stress reduction.  The meditation room will provide a peaceful retreat filled with healing music by HH Sri Swamiji.  The room is available on a first come basis to all devotees. 


... HH Sri Swamiji uploads a new spiritual message DAILY online? Just go to www.vimeo.com\puttugam to view them.  They short video messages are simple and easy to understand for adults and kids. The messages are a feast for eyes and ears with visually stunning set to sophisticated music tracks.


.... every Saturday, mahaprasad lunch is provided free for all Temple visitors? Dedicated volunteers arrive early in the day to prepare the fresh meals from scratch every Saturday.  Hundreds arrive every Saturday and enjoy the delicious food after taking darshan of Lord Hanuman.  


Jai Guru Hanuman!
Sri Swamiji Says & Hanuman Setu Bandha (Dollar-A-Day) Seva 
Share Your Food (SYF) Thoram
Help yourself while helping the Needy

Anna Daan - Donation of food is one of the highest forms of charity according to Hindu scriptures.


HH Sri Swamiji has created the 'Share Your Food' (SYF) vrata.


About the SYF Vrata (Fast)

Tuesday is recognized as Hanuman's day.  For the SYF vrata, on every Tuesday, make the pledge to fast for one meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner. The vrata will continue for three years. Soon you will become habituated to eating one meal less and may enjoy the health benefits from it.  But it does not stop there.  That skipped meal must reach a hungry mouth!  Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal (for those who cannot fast due to health reasons) to give to your local food banks or other worthy organization.


Where can I donate? 

For your convenience, the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple will be collecting donations for the "Share Your Food" project.  Those interested may come to registration desk at the Temple to make their financial or non-perishable food donations.  Those who register at the Temple will have their information added to the list of vrata participants across the globe. 


Where will the donations go? 
Donated items will be donated to local charities like the North Texas Food band and the Datta Venkateswara Temple in Mysore, where thousands of destitute people are given free meals regularly.

Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees

If you have to go to the terrace of your house, you do not reach it by jumping. You have to use a ladder and climb step by step till you reach.

Self-realization is not a state which you can jump to. You have to work for it slowly and steadily.

Whatever spiritual path you are given to, the most important aspect of your saadhana(practice) has to be towards
emptying your mind from thoughts.

Once this is accomplished, you will 'BE' - the Self within, you will be self-luminous and that is your essential nature.

--  Parama Pujya 
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji




Become prosperous by working hard

and then

donating generously

-  Atharva Veda

Pledge & Join the
Share Your Food 
Hanuman Setu Bandha
Extraordinary seva by Devotees  


  Join the  Dollar-A-day or 

Hanuman Setu Bandha seva
program at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. 

Only  $1/day per member 
Your donations will go towards the New Temple project and help support the current Temple operations.


Notice for current Members for Hanuman Jayanti Puja
Please ensure your payments are current. Be sure to login and update your profile with your birth star, gotra and address information.  Email any questions to 


Thank you for your support!
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Temple Classes


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New summer  session for 

Arts, Bhajan and Carnatic music classes starting on June 8th.

Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman

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