Jai Guru Hanuman Karya Siddhi Hanuman-ji,  


The Hanuman Temple grandly celebrated the main Hanuman Jayanti with a weekend filled with special pujas like the Sri Hanuman Vrata and Sri Hanuman Chalisa Homa as well as the Hanuman Mantra parayana. The energizing events filled the temple hall and devotees with the presence of Lord Hanuman.  


The Sri Tygaraja Utsav and 'Nouka Charitham' dance opera programs pleased Lord Nada Anjaneya and captivated all the devotees who entered the Temple. 


Don't forget to skip a meal and Share Your Food on Tuesdays. Click to read more about it in this newsletter.


Events during this month 
  • Fri, 4th - Sri Narasimha Jayanti
  • Sat, 5th - Purnima
    • 9:30 am - Suprabhata and Sri Balaji Abhisheka  
    • 10:30 am - Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman Abhisheka & Puja 
    • Mahaprasad Lunch
    • 4:00 pm - Sri Vaasavi Kanyakaa Parameswari Jayanti Puja 
    • 6:30 pm - Satyanarayana Vrata
      Devotees perform Vrata personally
  • Sun, 6th - Bala Datta Religious Annual Function
  • Sun, 13th - Bala Datta Language Annual Function 
  • Wed, 16th - Gurupearchi (Guru Abhisheka)
    • 2:30pm  - Smt. Janaki Srinivasan's students vocal concert
    • 5:00pm - Pranav Kikkeri's vocal concert 
  • Fri, 18th & Sat 19th: Vedanta Talks by Sri.P.Lakshminarayanan
    • Fri, 6:30 pm: Essential Ingredients to Balanced Life
    • Sat, 6:30 pm: Positive Parenting
  • Sat, 19th - Guru Homa / Abhisheka 
  • Sun, 20th - Surya Grahana (solar eclipse)
                       Temple closed until 12 noon
  • Sat, 26th - Shukla Shashti, HH Sri Swamiji's Birthday  
    • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Sri Dattatreya Homa
      Devotees perform personally - 20 min slots
    • 10:00 am - Sri Subramanya Abhisheka - Shukla Shashti 
    • 10:30 am - Sri Hanuman Mantra Chanting by all 
    • 10:30 am - Sri Dattatreya and Hanuman Abhisheka 
    • 11:45 am - Hanuman Chalisa & Aarti
    • Mahaprasad Lunch
    • MELA with Bounce house, face painting
                    and lots of fun for the whole family.   
    • Watch for more details & how you can participate!!
    • 6:30 pm - Sri Dattatreya and Sadguru Puja
      Devotees perform personally to small wooden padukas lead by priest 
      Sri Dattatreya Utsava (procession ) 
      Birthday Cake cutting by kids  
    • 7:45pm - Hanuman Chalisa & Aarti 
    • Mahaprasad Dinner
  • Sun, 27th, 3:30pm - Veena concert by Saiharini Ramakrishnan
Upcoming Events in the next month
  • Sat, 2nd - Vaikasi Visakham, Subramanya Abhisheka 
  • Mon, 4th - Chandra Grahana (Lunar eclipse)
    Temple closed until 11:30am 
  • Sat, 16th - Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka, Shani Trayodashi  
  Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!  



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Sri Narasimha Jayanti 
The story behind the Avatara

Lord Narasimha is the fourth  of the ten main incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is with a Lion's head on Man's body. He appeared to save His ardent devotee Prahlada from the demon king Hiranyakashipu.


Hiranyakashipu performed great penance to please Lord Brahma and sought a boon that he cannot die on earth or in space, in fire or in water, during  the day or  at night, at the hands of humans or by the gods or by any species,  by the animate or by inanimate, either inside the house or outside the house. Being very please by his penance, Brahma granted the boon.


Soon Hiranyakashipu, proud by the boon he got from Brahma, conquered the gods and brought all the worlds under his control. He began to harrass the gods and torture the saints and other devotees of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu declared himself to be the God of the whole universe and proclaimed that there was no other God but himself. To that end, he  banned all worship of the Omnipotent Vishnu.  In time, his wife, Queen Kayaadu, became pregnant with Prahlada. While in his mother's womb, Prahlada had the good fortune to listen to Sage Narada tell stories about Lord Vishnu and his infinite compassion towards His devotees. Hence even before his birth, Prahalada became engrossed in the name of Lord Vishnu.



Hiranyakashipu considered  Lord Vishnu his arch enemy and had banned anyone from even saying Sri Vishnu's name in his kingdom. 


Hiranyakashipu could not bear the torture of having his own son chant Lord Narayana's name.  He tried to teach Prahalada that Hiranyakashyapu himself was the prime god and greater than Lord VishnuBut Prahalada would not be swayed and stayed true in his devotion to Lord Vishnu.


Having  failed, Hiranyakashipu tried to kill his son in various diabolical ways. He ordered him to be trampled under foot by an elephant but the elephant was unable to do succeed.  Then the king ordered the boy to be thrown off a cliff but, as Vishnu resided in the heart of Prahlada, he came down upon the earth as gently as a flower floats down to the ground. Poison, fire, starvation and other measures were also tried in vain. Nothing could hurt him in whose heart dwelt Lord Vishnu and who felt Vishnu's presence everywhere.


To this, Prahalada replied that Lord Vishnu is omnipresent. Hiranyakashipu pointed out at a pillar in his palace and asked Prahalada whether Vishnu was present in it. Prahalada's reply was affirmative. The Demon using his Gadha(Mace) broke open the pillar and there emerged Lord Narasimha who slain the demon using his sharp paws and blessed Prahalad as his topmost devotee on earth.To mark the above incidence and to pay our respect to the Lord, Narasimha Jayanthi is celebrated at several temples.  



Om Namo Narayanaya!

Sri Swamiji Says & Hanuman Setu Bandha (Dollar-A-Day) Seva 
Share Your FoodThoram
Help yourself while helping the Needy

Giving food to the hungry is one of the highest forms of charity.   When this charity is coupled with self-denial and sacrifice, it makes the giver more devout.  To encourage self-discipline and preserve the world's resources, HH Sri Swamiji has created the 'Share Your Food" (SYF) vrata or fast. 


Tuesday is recognized as Hanuman's day.  For the SYF vrata, on every Tuesday for the next three years, make the pledge to fast for one meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Soon you will become habituated to eating one meal less.  But it does not stop there.  That sacrificed meal must reach a hungry mouth!  Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal to give to yo

ur local food banks or other worthy 


For your convenience, the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple will be collecting donations for the "Share Your Food" project.  Those interested may come to registration desk at the Temple to make their financial or non-perishable food donations.  Those who register at the Temple will have their information added to the list of vrata participants across the globe. 


All non-perishable/canned food collections at the Temple will go to the North Texas Food Bank while monetary donations will be shared equally 
between local charities and the Datta Venkateswara Temple in Mysore, where thousands of destitute people are given free meals every purnima.

Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees

The reason for the apparent lack of harmony in our life is our utter disregard for the source of all harmony namely God. We are living today 
because there is that Spark of Divinity in us. By realizing it we can achieve harmony and balance in our life. Behind the veil of maddening chaos shrouding our life an unseen and invisible eternal order and arrangement exists.

--  Parama Pujya 
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji



Manava Seva 
is verily
 Madhava Seva!
Service to mankind is 
indeed service to God!
Pledge & Join the
Share Your Food 
Hanuman Setu Bandha
Extraordinary seva by Devotees  


  Join the  Dollar-A-day or 

Hanuman Setu Bandha seva
program at the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple. 

Only  $1/day per member 
Your donations will go towards the New Temple project and help support the current Temple operations.


Notice for current Members for Hanuman Jayanti Puja
Please ensure your payments are current. Be sure to login and update your profile with your birth star, gotra and address information.  Email any questions to 


Thank you for your support!
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Temple Classes


For information on all the classes, 

go to the  Temple Classes webpage  on

DallasHanuman.org /classes

for more information  on the classes.  


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 Classes & Events 



Bala Datta Registration - Open for All 
Bala Datta - Open registration for new and continuing students

The Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple
, under the inspiration, guidance and blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, has developed a program of religious instruction and personality development for children called Bala Datta.  In Bala Datta classes, children learn religious practices, prayers, bhajans, the significance of holy days, and spiritual values. They learn Ramayana, Maha Bharata and other religious scriptures. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention. The teachers are dedicated volunteers who are knowledgeable and experienced to impart religious values to children. Sri Swamiji's vision for Bala Datta is to make children grow up spiritually and inspire them to be good human beings.  
Parent education and teaching is also an integral part of our program. The program is open to all who are interested in learning about Hinduism.


Minimum age to enroll: (Age as of August 31 of current year)

Religion class is 4 years old & Language class is 5 years old  


New student registrations for 2012-2013 calender year will start from May 5, 2012.
The school year's classes will begin at the end of August 2012.

Registration hours at Bala Datta Registration Desk in the Temple are:
  • May 5th: 1pm - 4 pm
  • May 6th: 2pm - 5 pm  
  • May 12th: 1pm - 4 pm
  • May 13th: 2 pm - 5 pm.

To reserve your child's spot at the earliest, online registration will be available starting on 

May 3, 2012. Payment must be made in person on or before May 13, 2012 at the Bala Datta Registration Desk in the Temple.


Instructions for new registrations online, click here or follow the steps below:
  1. Go to www.dallashanuman.org
  2. Click on Classes at Temple and select Bala Datta
  3. Click on New Registration on left hand side top corner
  4. Fill out the form with all required fields and click on Register


Bala Datta Fee payments can ONLY be made by check (please make checks payable to KSHT). We apologize for not being able to accept credit cards or cash as payment for Bala Datta fees.


Bala Datta fee structure :
  • Registration fee $25 per family
  • Religious class only: $125  per student
  • Language class only: $100 per student
  • Religious + Language class : $175 (125 + 50)  per student  
For questions regarding Bala Datta registrations, 
please email Baladatta_helpdesk@dallashanuman.org or call 972-517-2723


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