New Markata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple
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Datta Hanuman ki Jai! Namaste Karya Siddhi Hanuman,  


Karthika Masa:  Vratas and Community Service Abound
Hundreds of devotees performed Satyanarayana Vrata
Pink Lotus with Lord Nada Hanuman
& Sri Satyanarayana Swamy
Carter BloodCare Van & Team
at the Hanuman Temple
any devotees braved the cold to attend the samoohika Satyanarayana vrata pujas and place the 365 wick deepas at the Hanuman Temple during Karthika Masa.  
Coinciding  with one of the vrata days, the Hanuman Temple continued their community service and outreach.  This time, working with Carter BloodCare, the Temple helped collect blood, the vital life saver.  Via online pre-registrations and walk-ins, the community met the goal of the blood drive.  Thank you to all the blood donors and behind the scene volunteers!
New Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple - Construction in full swing!
As many devotees have the already noted, the construction for the new Temple is well underway with many mountains of soil and large scale equipment are home on the Temple land.  How exciting it will be to watch the Temple come alive before our very eyes! This is an ambitious project and needs everyone's support to succeed (Click for the Donations page).
During the construction phase, the Temple will be using parking at neighboring schools when needed and subject to the school's permission.  Please continue to follow the volunteer's directions respectfully and thank you for your patience!


What's happening at the Temple
Sri Hanuman Jayanti, 
Dattatreya Jayanti & 
Pradhana Anaghastami
Saturday, Dec 14: Hanuman Jayanti & Sri Hanuman Vrata
Monday, Dec 16: 
Sri Datta Jayanti & Devotees may take up Datta Deeksha (Details upcoming)
Wednesday, Dec 25: Main Anaghastami Vrata - FREE for all
Saturday, December 21 - GRAND AYYAPPA PUJA  
  - Sri Ayyappa Sharana Gosha
  - Padi Pattu (Light to the 18 steps) 
Click for Temple Calendar or
 see upcoming emails for more details
Support the new Temple project

Special Hanuman vigraha prasad for new 8 SQFT Sponsors until New Years!
Devotees who sponsor for the new Temple - as long as there is  availability - will receive the beautiful small panchaloha vigraha of Lord Hanuman (shown on right & samples at Temple registration desk).
Those who sponsor 8sqft may also offer a BRICK which will be used in the new Temple construction.  Details at the Registration desk!
With the year end approaching, please consider making a 8sqft donation  for the new Temple project or making a pledge to sponsor a room in the new Temple. 


Hanuman Setu Bandha - Join Dollar-A-Day seva


Help build the new Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco with a pledge to give just $1 a day!  

This Temple is for the people and shall be built by the people - one dollar at a time!  Like Lord Hanuman, we are humble yet mighty - when we join together! 

Support the Temple that supports the you and the community.  Jai Hanuman! 

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Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!


Temple Events & Cultural Events

 Events - For this month and beyond     

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 Thank you to all the Annadaan donors
in November
Annadata Sukhibhava

May the Lord bestow 

happiness upon the one providing the food.



Aryan Ramireddy, Vinay Mallapu, 

Sridhar Sayam, Jyothirma Vellaturi, 

Saurabh & Neeraj, Karthik Shenkeshi, Ramakrishna Chintalapati, Nilesh Shukla, 

Siva Vishnu Adusumilli, Aniketh Sai Kanaparthy, Nagaraj Nandakumar, Jibanendra Nath  Mahanty, Seshu Kondeti, Kiran Konjeti, Vidyasagar Pasham, Vasu Nishtala, Manoranjan Mahadeva, Suresh Venkatachalam,  Naveen Saggam, 

Lalitha Kothuru, Makarand More, Rajiv Kamat, Ramadevi Challa, Suresh Somisetty, 

Avinash & Suganya, Saurabh Chhibber, 

Venkat Musku, Vivek Ruikar, Ashwitha Andem, Nagamurali Ankem, Maheshwara Choppa, 

Suresh Kumar Venkatachalam, Rakesh Sunku, 

Kula Somagattu, Viswanadha Sontam, Ramalingam, Ramana Nallamolu, 

Nirvana Choudhury, Tanvi Busayavalasa, Srirangapani Sriperumbudur, Pearl Bharath,

Aishwarya Lothumalla, Prashanth Ponnam, 

Pavani Ganti, Suresh Mukthapuram, Divya Sree, 

Srinivas Chatripally,  Narayanaraju Vetukuri, Chandrashekhar Mandala, Thantry Family, 

Suresh Kumar, and Vishnu & Maitreyi Kalidindi


Thank you for your seva!

OFFER a BRICK with your name when you donate for the New Temple 
Bricks will be used in New Temple !!
Donate 8 sqft 
Bhajan Mala App (iDevices)

Bhajan Mala is a great app to learn devotional songs. The app is preloaded with all lyrics of bhajans composed by Sri Swamiji. You can browse the bhajan list by deity or album. Lyrics are now in native language scripts for Hindi, Telugu, Kannada & English.
Dattavani collects and translates 
to English

the many spiritually impactful speeches of Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji... 
for sake of devotees worldwide in one central location.



 Datta Hanuman ki Jai  

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Community, Cultural, Religious Temple Events



Sunday, December 1

4pm - Natyanjali Kuchipudi school

5pm - ECPA of DFW


Sunday, December 15

3pm - Subha Raman's students

4pm - Lalitha Venkat's students

5pm - Padma Ashokan's students


Sunday, December 22 

3pm - Harini Krishnamoorthy program


Sunday, December 29

2pm - Saptami program


Sunday, January 5, 2014
3pm - Aarathi Sunder
4pm - Prithi Narasimhan's students
5pm - Kuchipudi Kalakshetra school

Note: Karthika Masa: Nov 3-Dec 2


Click for Temple Calendar to view all events 

New Temple Supporters 
With the generous support of these donors in November, the new Temple project continues its progress:


Abitha Somayajaula, Ajay Kumar Moluguru, Amit Trivedi, Harish Patel, Harshil Gupta, Janardhan Maligi, Kalyan Uppalapati, Kanth Josyula, Krishna Chillara, 

Krishna Prasanth Vasigala, Krishnamohan M Mujje, Manish Roongta, Manjari Gangwar-Warty, Mohan Yeleti, Murali Balina, Nagaraj Bhimavarapu, 

Narasimha Rao Chitrapu, Narsaiah Dasa, Pavan K Battiprolu, Pavan Paypalla, Pavankumar Pamadurthi, Prithvi N Rao, Rama Rao Kolukula, Ramakrishna Kandadai, Ravindra Akurati, Saikrishna Billanuka, Saraswati Iyer, Sathish Durairaj, Shanti Sattiraju, Sreenivas Padakanti, Srihari Vempati, Srinivas Damera, Srinivas Relangi, Srinivasa Rao Vallabhaneni, Srinivasa Rao Vasamsetti, Sudhir Guda, Sujatha Kancherla, Suresh Gadasalli, Umesh Shah, Vasudev Kolankarai, Venkata Muppavarapu, Vijay Manellore, Vinod Penupala, Virendrasinh Sinora, Viswanadha Sontam 


Thank you for your continued pledges and support!



HH Sri Swamiji Says & Temple Classes
Sponsor 8 sqft in New Temple
 Become a part of Temple history 
When HH Sri Swamiji  unvieled the square feet of  space in the new Temple, HH said that this sponsorship was near and dear to 
His heart.  
Make your pledge today for this unique karmic gift to yourself. 


Share Your Food (SYF)
 Easy at 1-2-3 to help others

HH Sri Swamiji created the SVF vrata.


1] Skip any meal on Tuesdays.

2] Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal.

3] Give to your local food banks or other worthy food based cause. The Temple can help route your donations.



Thank you for your support!

Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees
It is within the nature of a common man to think of others, to talk about others and interfere into affairs of others. Instead of looking at himself, he is agitated and bothered about others. By so doing, he is unknowingly causing great harm to himself. He is forgetting that the object of his concentration should be the 'Self' within and not outside objects and circumstances.
Man's life is the projection of his mind. All problems are created by the mind. The removal of the problems is again in the hands of our mind. To a sensible mind the un-locking of hard chest is not difficult. But to a foolish mind there is no end to this problem. A perfect mind is the key that unlocks the mysteries of life. The purer the mind the easier the solution. 
-  Parama Pujya
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji
 Classes for all ages
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