Datta Hanuman ki Jai! Karya Siddhi Hanuman-ji,    


With the Kalyana Mahotsav of Lord Ram and Devi Sita, the Karya

 Siddhi Hanuman Temple was resplendent with a festive atmosphere. The hall was full devotees watching the mahotsav with joyous wonder and imagining how it must have been during the original event when this recreation leaves them speechless.  Such is the glory of God that we need only imagine with all our hearts to feel His joy envelope fully.  Followed by Sri Hanuman Jayanti and the Hanuman Mantra & Hanuman Costume contests, it was fun for all ages! Visit the Temple's facebook page to view the photos from all the events in April and more... 

Sri RamaChandra bhagavan ki Jai! MataSitaji ki Jai! Datta Hanuman ki Jai!



Community Service - Frisco City's Adopt a Street

The KSHT Team of volunteers has been doing a great job in keeping the stretch of road with the Hanuman Temple name in good condition.  Their dedicated service was recognized by the city recently when they were named one of Frisco's Clean It and Green It Super Volunteers.  Go Vanara Sena!



Organic Gardening - Request for Temple Visitors

There is a beautiful organic garden being lovingly cared for by the Temple community. It is fully volunteer based with members of all ages. They need our help!  Please do your part to pick-up any litter on the Temple Premises so that it doesn't land on the young plants being grown to one day offer fresh produce for the Temple Annadaan.  
Thank you!



Bala Datta Registrations - Currently underway 

Bala Datta admissions are in progress for new and renewing students for next year. Classes will begin end of August / Early Sep 2013.
Some classes are already near capacity. Minimum age to enroll for Religion class - 4 years & for Language Class - 5 years as of August 31, 2013.


Registration hours at Bala Datta Admissions Desk at temple are as below:

May 11th Saturday: 2 pm - 5 pm 
May 12th Sunday:   2 pm - 5 pm

Where: At the back of the main temple hall, next to audio control desk
For any questions or information about Bala Datta Admissions, please send an email to BalaDatta@DallasHanuman.org or call 972-517-2723.


Hanuman Setu Bandha - Join Dollar-A-Day seva

On the main Hanuman Jayanti day - all current members will have a special puja done in their honor. Be sure your membership is current. Not a member, join today and let your $1 a day help build the new Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco! Jai Hanuman!


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Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai! 


Temple Events: This Month

Events in this month 

  • Sun, May 5 - Bala Datta Religious Annual function 
  • Sun, May 12 - Bala Datta Languages Annual function
  • Tue, May 14 - Sri Sankara Jayanti, Sri Ramanuja Jayanti, Sri Jayalakshmi Mata Jayanti  Puja performed for all Annadana sponsors over the past year. Sponsorships available for Saturday Lunch & dinner on major festivals.
  • Thu, May 23 - Narasimha Jayanti
  • Fri, May 24 - Vaikasi Visakaham
  • Sat, May 25 - HH Sri Swamiji Birthday

Coming Events in the next month

  • Sun, Jun 2 - Hanuman Jayanti (Andra Pradesh)
  • Sat, Jun 15 - Hanuman Focus Day   108 Hanuman Chalisa chanting - All are invited to join!

Upcoming Cultural Events 

  • Sun, May 12 - Bala Datta Function
  • Sat, May 18
    2:30pm - Seetha Chandrasekhar 
    4:45pm - Sharada Sivaramakrishnan
  • Sun, May 19
    2:30pm - Deepa Srinivasan
    3:45pm - Padma Ashokkrishnan 
  • Sun, May 26
    2:30pm - Deepa Srinivasan 
    5:00pm - Vasundhara Kikkeri
  • Sun, Jun 2
    3:00pm - Subha Raman 
    5:00pm - Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance school 


Monthly Newsletter 

 eNewsletter: May 7, 2013
Vol: 52  Ver: 13.05
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In This Newsletter...
New Temple Project 
Donate 8 sqft in new Temple 

Temple  Meditation Rooms
 Open for All Devotees
 Saturdays, 10am - 12 noon
 30 minute slots on a first come basis. 

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Bhajan Mala App (iDevices)

Bhajan Mala is a great app to learn devotional songs. The app is preloaded with all lyrics of bhajans composed by Sri Swamiji and Jayalakshmi Mata, His mother and Guru. You can browse the bhajan list by deity or album. If you already have the audio track on your device, it starts playing and highlights the word in karaoke style. 
Dattavani collects and translates 
to English

the many spiritually impactful speeches of Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji... 
for sake of devotees worldwide in one central location.


 Jai Guru Hanuman! 
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Sri Sankara, Sri Ramanuja &
Sri Jayalakshmi Mata Jayanti
Tuesday, May 14

Celebration the birth of three spiritual masters, this special day will include the following pujas:
Tuesday, May 14 - 6:45 pm Onwards 
  • Sri RajaRajeshwari Puja 
  • Free archana for last 1 year Annadaan sponsors on this special day
  • Sri Lalita Sahasranama Kumkum Puja
  • Hanuman Chalisa & Aarti
  • Mahaprasad dinner 

There are many forms of "daan" (donation) mentioned in our scriptures. "Annadaan" (donation of food) is the easiest of them all. There is no life without food, hence the donors of Annadan are also considered as donors of Pranadaan.  It is said that glory, strength and fame will be acquired in Trilokas by Annadaan. The donor of Annadaan will be blessed by Gods and get first entry in to Heaven.


Thank you to all the Annadaan donors! 

May Lord Hanuman shower His blessings upon you and your family.



Hanuman Mantra Competition

The Winners are...

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha 
Om Namo Hanumate Namaha 
Om Namo Hanumate Namaha 
Om Namo Hanumate Namaha 


Congratulations to the winners!

Ages 10 and below:

Bala Tripura Somanchi (1728)

Dinakar Parcha (378)

Gayatri Velavarthipati (275)

Ages 11-16:

Himashri Tumalapalli (3132)

Sumedh Tadimeti (2052)

Sanjeev Penupala (1700)


Venkat Marella (13,608)

Kalyani Tadimeti (11,124)

Suma Balagurunadham (10,908)


Datta Hanuman ki Jai!  



Sri Swamiji Says & Hanuman Setu Bandha (Dollar-A-Day) Seva 
Benefits for SQFT sponsors
When HH Sri Swamiji  unvieled the square feet of  space in the new Temple, HH said  that this sponsorship was near and dear to His heart.  With each step taken by devotee upon your donated space your  karma is whittled away.  It is a donation you make to the Temple which keep giving back to you.
Make your pledge today for this unique karmic gift to yourself. 
Share Your Food (SYF)
Help Others & Replenish Yourself

HH Sri Swamiji has created the 'Share Your Food' (SYF) vrata. Skip any meal on Tuesdays. Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal (for those who cannot fast due to health reasons) to give to your local food banks or other worthy food based cause. The Temple can help route your donations. 


This is a seva that helps others but is ultimately for your own soul's well being.


Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees
If we develop friendship and stay with good people, we will improve our character and become noble.  Association with bad people degrades us to be engulfed in evil.  In contrast, regular contact with good people gradually makes us purer and better in all aspects.  If one fights with dirt, one becomes dirty.  If one plays with the sandal powder, one's body becomes fragrant. 
-  Parama Pujya
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji


Temple Classes 





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For information on all the classes, 

Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman

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