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Datta Hanuman ki Jai! Namaste Karya Siddhi Hanuman,  


Hope everyone enjoyed the Navaratri celebrations!
Poornakala Rajarajeswari Devi alankara
oyous dancing, jubilant chanting, reverent pujas and convivial atmosphere filled 
the Hanuman Temple for all the 9 days of the Navaratri celebrations!
While mahaprasad and divine blessings were plentiful, the parking at the Temple was limited due to the construction for the new Temple.  Thank you to all who followed the directions of the volunteers respectfully and patiently.  
The Pancha laksha kumkumarchana surpassed their goal of 5 lakh chanting of Devi Ma's Lalita Sahasranama and completed over 7 lakh chantings of this sacred stotra!  
The LakshmiDurgaSaraswati homa was performed by the Temple priests and allowed devotees to participate and many more to witness this powerful homa and reap its benefits. 
The garba and dandhiya dancing
in honor of Devi Ma brought the whole community together. Where else can you receive Ambe Ma's darshan, be served a freshly cooked delicious dinner, and dance the night away in HER honor?!  
The young girls - each dressed up in her best and most traditional Indian garb and finery - graced the Temple for Navaratri.  Seeing Devi Ma in these pure-hearted beauties was a treat for all who participated in the Kumari puja.  With more young Kumaris than ever before, let's continue to pass on these beautiful traditions to this generation and keep them alive for many generations to come.
Inspired by Devi Ma's, devotees stepped forward during Navaratri to generously donate 8 sqft toward the new Temple project.  May Devi Ma shower Her best blessings upon these devotees and all those who helped make these celebrations possible!  Click to visit the Temple's facebook page to see photos of all Devi Ma's alakanra, the events, pujas and mela! 

Jai Ambe, Jai Jai Ambe Ma!! 


What's happening at the Temple ...
Tuesday, October 22 - Karwa Chauth

Sessions fro
4:00pm - 7:30pm (start of last session) 
*FREE* for all ladies to participate 
A new session will begin every 30 minutes 
Puja Sankalpa will done by Temple priest 
Note: Puja Thalis will available at the Temple. 


Even you've never done Karwa Chauth, you can join in with this community event to learn from other ladies who have been performing it for years for the well beings of their families. 


What do you do for Karwa Chauth? On this auspicious day, married women keep a strict fast and do not take even a drop of water.  The fast begins before sunrise and ends only after offering the prayer (come to the Temple for the puja). The fast is broken once the moon is sighted. Women offer water to the moon and break their fast at night.   
KSHT Food Drive - Virtual Drive Continues until Diwali
Click to donate!
he KSHT community Virtual Food Drive (click for the virtual drive) is continuing through Diwali.  You can also continue to make a monetary donation at the Temple registration desk through Diwali.  Spread the joy of the festival season through out the community!  



Your donation of $1 will help feed 3 people. The folks at NTFB really know how to stretch a dollar.  Your donation will help feed the hungry during the festival season!


The KSHT and NTFB canned food drive raised over 300 pounds of food! A hearty thanks to all those who donated to make this possible. Jai Hanuman!
Saturday, November 2 - Diwali & Annakut with FIRE
  • ANNAKUT with Govardhana Puja:
    All are welcome to bring any dish as prasad for Annakut & Krishna Bhagavan
  • Chopda Puja & Dhanalakshmi Puja:  Devotees will do puja personally to Goddess Lakshmi coin  
  • Spectacular DIWALI 
  • Mahaprasad dinner   

Saturday, November 19 - Main Satyanaraya Vrata in Karthika Masa 

Samoohika Satyanarayan Vrata will be performed on Saturday's during Karthika masa in the Temple. 
The Saturday vrata dates are: November 2, 9. 16, and 23.

Special Event
The pradhana Satyanaraya Vrata day is on Saturday, November 19. Please watch for more details on this special event.


Support the new Temple project

Who can offer bricks for the new Temple? YOU Can!
Devotees who sponsor for the new Temple - as long as there is  availability - will be able to also offer a BRICK which will be used in the new Temple construction.  Details at the Registration desk!



Hanuman Setu Bandha - Join Dollar-A-Day seva 

Help build the new Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco with a pledge to give just $1 a day!  This Temple is for the people and shall be built by the people - one dollar at a time!  Support the Temple that supports the you and the community.  Jai Hanuman! 

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Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai! 


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for  Annadaan in  September

"Annadata Sukhi Bhava" 

Elango & Family, Shanaz Tiwari, Prachi Kar, Srinivas Chatripally, Prithvi Ramana Muddagouni, Shanmugasundaram Lakshmanan, Gardas Family, Puja Moolamalla, Venkateswara Rao Panchumarthi, Suresh Kumar Venkatachalam, 

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OFFER a BRICK with your name when you donate for the New Temple 
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Donate 8 sqft 
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 Jai Guru Hanuman! 

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Sri Swamiji Says & Hanuman Setu Bandha (Dollar-A-Day) Seva 
Sponsor 8 sqft in New Temple
 Become a part of Temple history 
When HH Sri Swamiji  unvieled the square feet of  space in the new Temple, HH said that this sponsorship was near and dear to His heart.  
Make your pledge today for this unique karmic gift to yourself. 
Thank you to these donors for

new Temple square foot

in September:


Amit Deshpande, Anitha Vyza, Aravanan Mani, Arwind Shahane, Kamlesh Sharma, 

Krishna Mohan Penna, Meena Bhatt, 

Mridul Das, Pinakin Naik, Rishi K Middela, Rohan Penkar, Sivananthan Chelliah, 

Srinivasa S Battula, Subramanya S Chittilla, 

Usha Narasimha, Vedavyas Duggirala, 

 and Venkat Panrutti


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Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees
Navaratri & Devi Ma:

The nine dhatus represent  the nine aavaranas or the nie chakras in the
'Sri chakra'.  Parashakti, the tenth dhatu is represented by the
Bindu Sthana, the point at the very top of the 'Sri Chakra'.  
When this Mother is worshipped with complete focus, all siddhis or powers of accomplishment  are attained.  This Shakti or Energy is called by many
names.  Ambe or Amma is she.  There is none who is higher than Her. 
-  Parama Pujya
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji


Share Your Food (SYF)
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HH Sri Swamiji has created the 

'Share Your Food' (SYF) vrata. 

1] Skip any meal on Tuesdays.

2] Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal 

3] Give to your local food banks or other worthy food based cause.

 The Temple can also help route your donations.


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