2014 - January Events

For all Temple  and Cultural events, 
Datta Hanuman ki Jai! Namaste Karya Siddhi Hanuman-ji, 
Devotees have provided feedback on Temple puja timings. Taking that feedback into account, the Temple puja timings have been updated.  Please click to scroll the recurrent puja table below or visit the Temple website and events calendar for the latest timings.


New Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple Construction Con't
With heavy equipment and ongoing construction on the Temple land, you may be wondering about the details of what is happening.  In an effort to keep the whole community updated about the new Temple project's progress, the new Temple blog was created.  

Parking for Events
During the construction phase, the Temple will be using parking at neighboring schools when needed and subject to the school's permission.  Please continue to follow the volunteer's directions respectfully and thank you for your patience!

Youth Group - Update & Meetings
The KSHT Youth Group is starting a younger branch for ages 8 through 11.  The group will focus on community service, seva in the Temple, His Holiness Sri Swamiji's Biography, and implementing spiritual lessons into daily life. The first meeting will be this Sunday, January 12 at 3:30pm and will be followed by the older youth group ( for ages 12+)  meeting at 4:30pm.  For any questions, please email youth@DallasHanuman.org
 Upcoming Events

New 2014 KSHT Calendar
The beautiful 2014 calendar - with Panchang times, Temple festivals and all times calculated specifically for DFW - is ready! Be sure to pick up your free copy (one per family, please) today. 

Saturday, January 11 - Vaikunta Ekadashi : Program & Timings


    6:00am to 8:30pm  
10:00am t12 noon  
Uttar Dwara Darshana 

Procession to Uttara Dwara (North Door)
Uttara Dwara Puja
Sri Vishnu Sahasranamaa

Hanuman Mantra Chanting: "Om Namo Hanumate Namaha" 

Hanuman Chalisa Chanting

12 noon  
Aarti followed by Mahaprasad Lunch

Bhajan / Keertan - Satsangh - All are welcome to sing

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama group chanting - All are welcome to chant

Sri Vishnu Puja

Sri Hanuman Chalisa & Temple Aarti followed by Mahaprasad Dinne


2014 Recurring Pujas & EventsrecurringPujas

Support the new Temple project

Special Hanuman vigraha prasad for new 8 SQFT Sponsors while supplies last!
Devotees who sponsor for the new Temple - as long as there is  availability - will receive the beautiful small panchaloha vigraha of Lord Hanuman (shown on right & samples at Temple registration desk).
Those who sponsor 8sqft may also offer a BRICK which will be used in the new Temple construction.  Details at the Registration desk!
Ypu may also choose to sponsor a Pillar, Room or Mandir in the new Temple. 


Hanuman Setu Bandha - Join Dollar-A-Day seva


Help build the new Marakata Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco with a pledge to give just $1 a day!  

This Temple is for the people and shall be built by the people - one dollar at a time!  Like Lord Hanuman, we are humble yet mighty - when we join together!  Support the Temple that supports the you and the community.  Jai Hanuman! 

Click to Join Dollar-A-Day seva program 

Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!


Temple Classes - New Sessions and Schedules
Cultural Events 

Sunday, January 5

3pm - Prithi Narasimhan's Students

4pm - Aarathi Sunder dance

5pm - Kuchipudi Kalakshetra school


Sunday, January 19

3pm - Deepa Srinivasan's students

4pm - Aparna Velamuri's students

5pm - Shanti Mahadevan's students


Sunday, February 2 

4pm - Natyanjali Kuchipudi School students

5pm - ECPA of DFW students


Interested to Perform?

To request a slot to perform before Lord Hanuman at the Hanuman Cultural Center, please click to submit a Facility Request Form.  For any questions, send an email to cutural@DallasHanuman.org 


Click for the Temple Classes page

New Temple Supporters 
With the generous support of these donors this past month,  the new Temple project continues its progress:

  Abitha Somayajaula, Anand Chellappa, Balram Mellacheruvu, Bhuvana Badrinathan, Ganesh Ramamoorthy, Jaivadivel Natanasabapathi, Kalpesh Desai,  Kalyan  Valiveti, Karunakar Garlapati, 

Mahipal Reddy Yalla, Manikandan Venkataraman, Manish Roongta, Manohar Kasagani, Nagendra B Makineni,  Prakash Kannan, Praveen K Billa, Praveena Remata, Raghunath Boppana, Rajesh Phanibatla, Rupa Gyawali, Sathya V Mallipudi, Satya Kalkunte, Sirish Poondla,  Sreekrishna Cheruvu, Sridhar Taduri, Srinivas Amudala, Srinivas Polamraju, Surya Anakala, Veeraiah Choudary Perni, Venkatesh Govu, Venugopal R Annapureddy, Vihari Pasumarthi, Viswanath P Kurup


Thank you for your continued pledges and support!



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Bhajan Mala App (iDevices)

Bhajan Mala is a great app to learn devotional songs. The app is preloaded with all lyrics of bhajans composed by Sri Swamiji. You can browse the bhajan list by deity or album. Lyrics are now in native language scripts for Hindi, Telugu, Kannada & English.
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 Datta Hanuman ki Jai  
 Thank you to all the Annadaan donors 
from last month
Annadata Sukhibhava

May the Lord bestow 

happiness upon the one providing the food.


Karthik Parvataneni, Hari Subramanian, Jayesh Thakker, Kiran Modigunta, Krishna Marri, Krishna Taduri, Lalit Madan, Mahadevan K Iyer, Mohan Trikur, Murali Tummala, Nagaraju Kapavarapu, Nitin Lothumalla, Prashanthi Kanumuri, Raghu Shyam Thota, Raj Janna, Rajalakshmi Kathiresan, Ramkumar K Parvataneni, Rashmi Anil, Ravikiran Madabhushi, Rishi K Middela, Sai C Katuri, Sarath Attaluri, Sridhar Malladi, Srikanth Akula, Suchendra Parvataneni, Suresh Kumar Venkatachalam, Uma Narayanan, Venkata Ramana Koneru, Vijay Kumar Muni, Vinay Rao

HH Sri Swamiji Says & New Temple 
Become a part of Temple history 
When HH Sri Swamiji  unveiled the square feet of space in the new Temple, HH said that this sponsorship was near and dear to His heart.  
Make your pledge today for this 
unique karmic gift to yourself. 
Share Your Food (SYF)
 Easy at 1-2-3 to help others

HH Sri Swamiji created the SVF vrata.


1] Skip one meal on Tuesdays.

2] Set aside the food or money from that skipped meal.

3] Give to your local food banks or other worthy food based cause. The Temple can help route your donations.



Thank you for your support!

Sri Swamiji Says 
 Divine Guidance for Devotees
Time is racing. Time has no mercy. Time and Death are always merciless. We are always under the control of Time. We move within its limits. It is most difficult to transcend. It is endless and cannot be grasped by the mind. It cannot be controlled. It is ananta, achintya, and akrama. It has no connection with thought or system. Whether one is sinful or pious, one reaps the consequences of one's actions. Everything is self-created. That is why birth occurs. Sin results in birth, including human birth. Human birth allows for a systematic liberation. It is a good college for training and instruction. In a human lifetime, one can complete one's education and graduate into liberation by following the systematic training and step by step learning. A human birth is precious that way and whoever gets it must utilize it for this purpose."


-  Parama Pujya
Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy
Sachchidananda Swamiji
Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!
Sponsor a Temple Room / Mandir
 Choose per your heart's desire

With future growth in mind, the new Temple plan has separate rooms for private pujas, meditation, library, nitya nivedya preparation, homas/yagnas, multi-purpose, and more.  As the community and religious center for Hindus in the DFW metroplex and the US, your sponsorship will serve Lord Hanuman and enable the Temple meet His devotees' needs. ($10K-$25K)


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Read the new Temple blog.DallasHanuman.org


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