Yoga Classes at Hanuman Temple

New Yoga Classes for Adults
Complete schedule: Sundays Classes: Sundays: Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18, Dec 2, 9, 16

New Timming: 7:30 am - 9:00 am
1. Flexible exercises (15 min)
2. Surya Namaskars (10 min)
3. Asanas (15 min)
4. Pranayamas (30 min)
5. Holistic topics (20 min)
6. Meditation

Yoga Workshop
for Adults
Yoga Workshop
for Kids/Teens with Parents

Yoga Workshop for Adults

Please see below for new session schedule for Yoga classes for Adults at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple.


Classes will be held during the weekends at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, 12030 Independence Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75035. Please see below for the schedule.


After attending the Summer 2010 Yoga session and now practising pranayama and meditation twice per day has helped me with all below benefits:

  • Endocrine disorder (a small tumor in head) has subsided considerable
  • Stopped injections which otherwise were required every month for last 12 years
  • My varicose vain (and associated dermatitis) problem has almost gone away
  • Growing my hair back.
  • No allergies
  • No tiredness and much reduced stress
  • Sound sleep – no more sleep issues (sleep Apnea)
  • Good energy throughout the day
- 2010 Summer Yoga Class Student Testimonial

Other testimonials from many other students:

  1. Hysterectomy Reversed - Problem: Scar in the uterus, Menstrual periods stopped, Gynic suggested hysterectomy. Result: After 6 weeks of class, had my cycles back. After 5 months, checkups show all normal. Hysterectomy reversed.
  2. Iron deficiency - "My defiency is 100% cured after the 10 sessions"
  3. Allergies - "Rama guided my 9 year old boy, who was on claritin every day. By the 10th class, he was 90% cured and takes only as needed."
  4. Thyroid - "I'm a chronic thyroid patient, cured my levels to 60% using the alternative/herbal medications, have managed to move away from the regular allopathic drugs."
  5. Sore Spine - "I used to have sore spine as soon as I wake up, now I'm totally free from pains and happy after the session."
  6. Happiness/Peace/Self-Management - "I was searching for couple things in my life (Health/Peace/Financial/Energy/Joy Awareness) & found all of them in this workshop."
  7. Anger - "I no more get angry on my kids when I return back from work, and it's the kids who pointed out the difference. This class equipped me with the required tools."
  8. Tear Duct - " Since my birth, there has been tear loss due to abnormal tear duct. But after attending the classes, 100% cured"
  9. Centered - " I've been doing media fasting since I attented the class, and started to conserve all my energy. Did not know that this was a huge energy drainer."
  10. Non-Participant - "Friend of mine who attends your class forwarded the video clip that was shared in the class, as I was in depressed/low mood. After watching the video, I got energized and won my contract the next day, which was very crucial"
  11. Flexible Spine - "When I went to my massage spa, they were shocked to feel the stiffness gone and asked me what I was doing different, which made my spine so tender"
  12. Meat Eating - "Scientifically, I could come to know that human body is meant to be vegetarian. Hence stopped eating meat since attending this class"
  13. Raw/Healing Food - "Never thought that I could eat Raw food in such a tasty way"
  14. Management/Awareness Slides - "The slides presented in the class range a spectrum of facts re: Body/Food/Energy/Meditation/Wealth/Time/Stress helped me gain grip over my life"
  15. Disease to Ease - "I've learnt how to align my life and move from Dis-Ease to Ease. And how to live with/in Nature"
  16. Energy - "My energy is almost constant the whole day, from the tips presented in the class. Did not know earlier that Life has so many dimensions"
  17. Arthiritis - "I am a chronic arthiritis patient, cured my pains 85% after the class. Was regularly taking 8 tablets per day but now only use 8 tablets per week."


The classes will be taught by certified Yoga teachers for Asana, Mudra Pranayama, Raja Yoga Samadhi Meditation Techniques and their improvisation/ variations based on Maharishi Patanjali Yoga & Pancha Kosha Shuddhi.


Interested individuals please send an email to


Class Dates on Sundays: 2018 Sundays Classes: Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18, Dec 2, 9, 16

Time: 7:30 am - 9:00 am (it is most beneficial to do yoga during the early morning, sunrise time)

Cost: $125 ( Datta Kriya Yoga book and white cloth will be provided to all new registrations FREE of cost)
NOTE: (Old/Recurring students can re-join the class for FREE)

To Register: Click here to Pay Onlilne


Yoga classes will be taught for all Adults and Kids aged 14 yrs or older.


  • Clothing should be comfortable and allow for free range of motion.
  • White/Light colored clothes preferred.
  • No leather belt, watches or any leather related items.